Is this the defining road trip?

This wasn’t the way we wanted to come into this road trip. We really wanted to take two of three this weekend and come to Chicago on a roll.  

This could be the defining road trip of our season.  We really have to play well to beat the Cubs and the Angels.  We’re hoping to end our struggles on the road.  

People keep asking how we can play so good at home and so bad on the road.  Really I don’t know what it is.  

I think we’ve just got to finish things off. When we score runs, we have to keep trying to score more runs and bury them.  I don’t know if we get complacent.  But it seems like we kind of die or just expect our bullpen to hold them.

We can’t do that, especially on the road.  At home we always feel like we can come back.  Other teams feel that way too.  We’ve got to do a better way of burying that optimism.

I think a lot of us are looking forward to Chicago.  I love the fans, the food and the drink.  They’ve got great everything.  It’s a place where you can relax and have fun.  When you wake up, you know that you’re going to get to play in a cool stadium and in a cool city. It’s just a lot of fun.

But for this road trip to really be fun we’re going to have to play well in Chicago, Anaheim and Texas.  We’re not taking the Rangers lightly.  They have a great offense.  

We just have to turn things around and make sure this is a good trip.


Well you will have at least one Georgia fan in the crowd in Chicago. I am leaving in the morning to come and watch the Wednesday and Thursday games, I hate I am missing Tommy pitch tonight 😦
Your fans have faith in you. You are soooooooooo much better than the numbers show. Don’t forget you are an excellant team!
I am looking forward to seeing Wrigley Field and ya’ll having your best road trip ever!!!

Best wishes from a die-hard fan.

Angeline L.

I have a good feeling about this road trip – sometimes it takes a little adversity (battling through the injuries) to really get a team headed in the right direction. Good luck against the Cubbies tonight!

I’m wishing y’all the best of luck for the road!!! You guys really are doing great…especially considering the setbacks with injuries etc!! Be patient at bat Frenchy and wait for your pitch!!! Y’all wear that pitcher out!!! Be picky.

Love you guys!!


Hey Jeff,
I know the road trips have been hard on you guys, and no one really seems to understand what the problem is. You guys have tons of fans, and we root for you no matter where you play at. Good luck against the Cubs tonight and against the Angels and Rangers later in this road trip. We know you can beat them! I will be at Turner Field on the 20th to see you guys play the Mariners. Hope you have a great road trip and we will see you when you get back home!

It should be easy for you to strike out. It is simple for You

Thanks for the update. 🙂 I think this will indeed be the defining road trip. But I have faith in you and this team. Good luck, and have fun in Chicago!


With my brother a die-hard Cubs’ fan and surrounded by Philly fans living in Delaware I really need a series win here. Take it a game at a time. It seems to me we’re not getting alot of situational hitting. We’re leaving too many guys on base. We’ve got the kind of offense that can go on a 7-2 road trip. Look at the Phillies….their doing it with mirrors.

Seriously Jeff, quit swinging at pitches in the opposite batter’s box.


Every game I see you do the same thing. I can see it in your eyes at the plate before you see the first pitch.

I am talking about your approach with runners on base. You swing for the home run every time. Your head is not on the ball and you swing away as hard as you can. You did it again tonight in Chicago. Before the game, you alone left 20 runners on base in the past 4 games. That’s crazy!! You are capable of doing better.

Go for the singles and extra base hits, the homeruns will come around.

About 2 weeks ago I was telling my wife how much I liked the Braves’ approach at batting this season…not always trying for the home run. The batting averages were up and you were winning games.

Take Chipper for example. He hits what he is pitched and does not always swing for the home run. And his average is over .400. Keep it up Chipper!

It appears that the most of the team is not batting with this same approach lately. Maybe that is why the Braves are losing so many more games lately.

The road game situation is absolutely frustrating as are the 1 run games.

Here is what you do. Get some Braves flags, decals, banners, whatever you can and hang them in the visitor’s dugout and locker room and cover the opponents “colors”. Get the Braves chant and the players songs on an MP3 player and play it during the game and before batting. Maybe that will help! Stranger things have been done. 😉

Good luck and go Braves!

As a former right feilder i know what it is like. But lately i have seen a couple of bloop hits that have been hit to you in the outfield and usually there is a man in scoring position when it happens. I know that it is a tough play and you don’t want the ball to get by you but i would like to see you dive at some of those balls. Tuesday night there was a runner on first and third with two outs and Mark Derosa was jammed and maybe it is just the TV angle that makes it look this way but i thought that if you would have dove for the ball you could have come up with it. I can’t really argue with a gold glove but those are the kinds of plays that if you can come up with it really frustrate a team. It has happened to us all year. We get a rally going and someone makes a tremendous play and it just deflates the teams spirit. Good luck i hope you get the contract you want you sure are fun to watch!

Man I love you dude but you guys gota get it together. I’ve been a Brave fan for a long time and I always will be and I understand injuries, but the Braves have to over come it. Good luck, I’ll see ya in Texas

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…

You’re killing me on my fantasy team, man…

Here’s some advice, dude – When you step into the box and the pitcher gets ready to deliver the ball, look through the corner of your right eye at the catcher. If he’s standing up, there’s a decent chance they’re going to throw the ball at your shoulder level. When they do that, try not to swing.

On the other hand, if the catcher is set up so far outside that he can reach into the dugout and grab some sunflower seeds while still in his crouch, the pitch will probably be off the plate, outside. When the catcher is set up that far outside, try not to swing.

Good luck, man.


I have to agree with most recent comments. I’m a braves fan for a long time. You guys have never had more injuries now than ever before. You just have to focus and drive on! I know your coaches get paid well to coach. Someone, either TP or Bobby himself, has to sit you down, if not done yet, and get you to understand your approach to the place is not working. Take a look at how fast your average and production are dropping. You are the key hitter to this offense, as the last couple of years, behind chepper and Tex. You will find the most runners on base than any of them. Come on Jeff, 20 runners stranded? Too many strke outs and ground balls… You have to pick up chipper when he is not in the lineup and Tex when he is struggling. I know you watch tape of your own at bats, right? Then start laying off the high ones and the outside pitches as well. Prime example last night at wrigley, man on first and second one out, the pitcher just walk Kelly, You got the first 2 pitches for ball, why you swing at the next pitch down and outside? I can understand if it is a fastball middle of the plate, but it was not, then you grounded of course for a game ending double play. This is where coaches intervened and change your approach, which has been the same over and over and you now it because I can see your frustrated face heading to right field…Pounding the same way over an over is not going to change anything, something must be change and you should start looking at the mirror and see it; Chipper is not going to be there for ever and management might not sign Tex, so you my friend, will have to be a young leader along with Brian. You are a great player, but sometimes we have to change our way of thinking or doing things (called adjustments), in order to continue to be successful. Think about it! Good Luck and let’s get this darn thing turn around.


I KNOW THIS IS KIND OF LONG, BUT YOU SHOULD REALLY READ IT. I’ve taken the time to read a lot of these comments other people have left about you guys. I have to say that a lot of it is true. But here’s my take on it. I’d first like to say that even though many people claim this, I am probably the biggest Braves fan in the world for people age 22 and under. I’ve been watching since before I was 2 and I’ve been told that when I was a baby, sometimes I’d just start crying for no reason and the only way I’d stop is if she put on either the Braves or the flintstones. I LOVE MY BRAVES! Unfortunately, at the current time I’m somewhere I’d rather not be and I don’t have the capability to watch very many games. BUT I am familiar with your swing.

PROBLEM: Okay man, so here’s the biggest problem I see with you. OBVIOUSLY you’re IN LOVE with the high heater. This is a problem I’ve had before too. I mean let’s face it, its almost eye level so it’s only natural to swing at it. It looks SO good, it’s in the middle of the plate, it’s zipping by you at 95mph, and it’s got some fan in the upper deck’s name all over it. But here’s the problem, your arms don’t naturally swing that high that fast. I played my whole life. I do know that different batters have different swings. The mechanics or each swing is so different that its easier for some batters to hit certain pitches than it is for others. You are not designed to hit that high ball Jeff. You may get lucky every once in a while and crush it but as many times as you miss that thing.. it’s really hurting the potential wins total ya’ll could have. Find a pitch you’re built for, and THEN wail away. I know it’s a totally different perspective when you are actually standing in the box and when you are watching it on TV and it looks so easy. But I do have to say that until you fix this problem you are going to look ridiculous when the catcher stands up an hour before the pitch is released and you swing anyway.

SOLUTION: Here’s what helped me and may work for you too. Go to the cages with 3 things: a bat, a HUGE bucket of balls, and a pitcher. Get the pitcher to throw you NOTHING but fastballs. Tell him to throw them all in your “weak zone”, maybe around chest level, the ones that you chase so often. But here’s the thing, you CAN’T swing at them. You set up for the pitch, take your stride…. but you DON’T SWING. You just have to let them go by you. Let the WHOLE bucket go right by you and you can’t do ANYTHING about it. After every pitch though, after you let it go by, have the pitcher yell out “ball”, so you can get it through your head that this pitch is NOT a strike and NOT one that you should swing at. Remember to keep a fresh mind set on every single pitch. Then put all the balls back in the bucket and do it again. BUT this time.. have the pitcher throw about 90% in your weak zone and about 10% that are actually strikes. SWING at the strikes and let the high heaters go by. Continue this drill and each time increase the amount of strikes and decrease the amount of high balls until the pitcher is throwing 10% high heat and 90% strikes. Once you have mastered not swinging at the high heat you should be all set. The only downside to this drill is you may not swing at the hanging off speed pitches that fall in for strikes. I’m sure you can adjust to this. But even if you do let those pitches go, there won’t be many hanging breaking balls thrown. That’s the VERY LAST pitch a pitcher wants to throw. You won’t be struck out on that pitch NEARLY as often as you will the high fastball.

On a final note I’d like to say that you guys are doing a HECK of a job. Injuries have been the Achilles heel of the club lately. It’s not easy but you guys have dealt with it rather nicely. Keep the guys’ spirits up man. This could be Chipper’s break out year and I’d like to see it go well. I know this team has the most heart of any other ball club. This is why I have remained faithful to the team. If any team out there is capable of doing something against the odds, I’d put my money on this team before anybody else. Stay strong on the road and remember that playing ball on the road ain’t so bad… at least you’re playing ball right? And home’s right around the corner for you guys every time you leave. I want you guys to bring the world series trophy back to Atlanta and get another red flag hanging up in left center. This team definitely has the talent and ingredients to do it. We just gotta figure out the right recipe. But I’m pretty sure Bobby knows what he’s doing. Stay strong and remember how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing. GOOD LUCK!

-Your Friend,
Jeff -Douglas, GA

“Chipper’s break out year”?? lol!! I think Chipper’s already had one of those.

Oh, yeah – Jeff… One more thing, man.

What’s with the hitch?? It’s making you tardy.

Hey Jeff,
Can you ask whoever it is that is telling you to wear those blue uniforms why you guys keep wearing them? I’ve watched games all season and I can’t remember the last time the Braves won with those on. I think you guys need to go back to the classic gray.
Your Fan Spencer

Do you all really think he’s going to take hitting tips from fans? And do any of you really think you know anything about hitting in pro baseball? Anyway, Jeff, you’re a free swinger and you’re slumping a bit. Big deal. You’ll come around. You know what you have to do. You got there, we didn’t. Bottom line. So I SINCERELY hope you don’t read these comments and if you do, hope you’re chuckling a bit. Chin up, dude, keep grindinng: this season will turn around for the Braves. (I mean it has to, no? lol)
–Braves fan for over 25 years.

jeff, I think your doing a hell of a job but your pressing a little bit.It looks like your very tense at the plate right now and you should just stay with what got you here.I think your making it harder than it is…..see the ball hit the ball and go with the pitch.STOP listening to T.P and just have fun!!You were alot more successfull that way!!Keep up the good work and stay positive.Take another day off too as it seems that helped.GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good call jsmittman. Everyone needs to chill out on writing treatises about hitting. You are trying to tell a MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYER how to hit… there is nothing you can tell him that he doesn’t already know. When you are condescending to Jeff Francoeur about how to hit a baseball you pretty much look like a clown.

Anyway, it’s just a matter of the whole club having a rough patch. What they don’t need is a bunch of fans jumping all over them while they’re down. I understand the frustration, trust me; watching the game last night made me want to throw up. But now is when the players need to know that they have a solid fan base that sticks with them in the good times and the bad. We need to help them out of the rough spots by talking them up and giving them some confidence. I don’t know if Francoeur reads these comments or not, but I kind of hope he doesn’t because a lot of it is garbage that would only get in his head and make it harder for him to relax at the plate.

Come on, if you’re a Braves fan then let’s pick these guys up and get behind them. Let’s get some wins and get back on track.

Relax. We’re struggling right now, but losing doesn’t define us. We’re the Braves! We’ll pull through it. If half the team is on the DL, go out there and show no fear. No more defeatist attitudes. We’re the Braves, we win. And if we happen to get outscored, we play our hearts out. And enjoy it along the way.

You will find your swing. Stop looking for it.

We will win. We have to. =)

nice hit

To Jeff and the Braves,
I know it’s been a few days since you all have played little league ball, but you need to remember some of the fundamentals that you were taught as a little leaguer.
NEVER SWING AT THE FIRST PITCH, you use that first pitch at each bat to see what the pitcher has.. I have to words for you…BE PATIENT.

Joe and Peggi,
Absolutely, totally, 100% incorrect! I can’t believe any baseball fan/player would ever say that! As a pitcher one of the main objectives is to get ahead in the count. How can they do that if they don’t throw a first pitch strike? Granted, there are SOME TIMES where it would be advantageous to take the first pitch, but most of the time (especially when a player is in a slump or down in the order) the first pitch is the best pitch you will see your entire at bat. Being patient does NOT mean taking the first pitch. It means being selective at the plate and knowing where you like your pitches to be, then eating them up and launching them for base-hits.


Jeff, I am VERY disgusted in the way you guys have played your last five games including the series in Chicago. If you guys take a lead deep into a game, you keep it. If you can?t keep it, that?s why you guys go back out there and regain the lead. That?s the way the game of baseball is played. It doesn?t really matter if you guys are at home or on the road, in both instances you are given a baseball field to play on. I feel really bad for Bobby right now because you guys are making him look really BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Stop swinging at those really high fastballs Jeff, you can?t do anything with those pitches. Just because the publicized Mets are loosing doesn?t mean you guys have to lose too.

Please dive for the BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Braves just haven’t been up to their level lately. Wrigley Field is a very difficult atmosphere. We can at least give you credit for starting to turn it around with a two run home run today. If only the rest of the team had supported it.

This team has no desire or heart to win, and frankly, I think they have quit for the year. It is time to not only make some player changes, but I think it is time for Cox and Pendleton to go also. You can blame it on pitching, but it is the everyday players that are killing the Braves. When you don’t score more than 2 or 3 runs a game, you aren’t going to win many.

Jeff, you had a good game today. You hit a HR and if you just keep chugging away at it, the hits will start rolling in for you before too long. Have a great weekend against the Angels! Enjoy Cali!

Hey Frenchy,
There are a lot of really good points that have been made by these fans. I have to agree with a few of them. But I’m going to tell ya what I think, you guys are THE BRAVES, the best team in the MAJOR LEAGUES with the most heart and integrity that I’ve ever seen in any team in the history of MLB. I’ve been watching you guys since I was a baby and I don’t know how one person could sit around and say that they are a “bigger fan” than anyone else cause that is not possible to determine. There are some things that you need to improve with your swing but that will come to you. One thing to do though is to stop chasing those high fastballs. But I honestly don’t think that these fans can just sit here and tell you that you need to improve on your swing when there are others that need to do the same. I know that things get hard on the road but you guys need to keep your heads up and the heart and determination to win. We love you guys win or lose but I know that ya’ll have it in ya’ll to win. For years I have watched the braves through some of there weakest battles and if there is one thing that I have learned is that you never count the braves out. It’s not over til its over. Atlanta has so much potential to do great things this season. The All-Star break is coming up soon I hope that things will turn around for ya’ll. We have got to start winning on the road. I know it can be hard but keep your determination to win at home and take it out on the road with you guys. Know that winning is all in your heads and heart, you’ve got to want it bad to win it. Leave everything out on the field. In this road trip you’ve got some stiff competition we fell 3 games to the Cubs now we’ve got to pick our heads up and just go out there and outscore the Angels this weekend. If they score, you’ve got to go out there and want to score 2 for there every 1. We can do this I have fate in you guys and so do the rest of your fans. Keep your chins up, your bats back, your stance right, swing when you get a good pitch, and be patient, watch for greatness, you’ll sense it when its there, then play your heart out each and everytime you go out on that field. Enjoy the rest of the road trip, and try not to worry too much about winning just go out and DO IT!!.
We love you guys.
Erica from FLoriDa.

Joe and peggy,
NEVER just take the first pitch to “gauge” what the pitcher has. unless you have absolutely wasted your time in the on deck circle looking at the fans, yourself on the jumbotron, your hot girlfriend, etc. but thanks for caring for the Brave enough to try and help. Fortunately, i don’t think Jeff is going to take any “tips” from those of us experts on the forum:)

I was so proud of your home run on Thursday!! It broke my heart for you guys when we lost.
I want to give a big THANK YOU to you and all the other Braves who signed balls for me at Gate D at Wrigley Field. It means so much to us fans that you do that.
I was amazed at how many fans you have from other states that came all the way to see ya’ll play in Chicago. I met other fellow Georgians there as well as your fans from Illinois, Wisconson, Ohio, Texas, and Indianna. (They are all mad about TBS not airing you any more by the way.) You guys have so many people that love and believe in you. I think if you could get yourself out of the mindset that you will lose on the road, you can start winning. That is the only thing stopping you, because ya’ll certainly have the talent.
I am proud of my team and know that things are about to turn around.
Angeline L


There are host of thoughtful comments here. I hope you are indeed reading them.

Your statement in your original remarks is important. You wrote, “People keep asking how we can play so good at home and so bad on the road. Really I don’t know what it is.”

It answers the question. The team is losing because it doesn’t know what it is that is keeping it from winning.

Feel helpless, powerless, puzzled, overwhelmed, discouraged, and you lose.

The Braves will win, when they again have their team “ah-ha” and start playing the kind of game you all want to play instead of the kind of game you don’t want to play. That later game is no fun.

I hope that the Braves cut through the ?don?t know? stuff and get at, the ?do know? stuff. The “do know” aspects of Braves baseball are a lot more fun to watch.


Braves 5 Angels 2

Awsome job guys, keep the momentum going!!! You have what it takes to be the best team out there.

Angeline L

Jeff you guys are doing great against the Angels Im so glad to see it.Maybe now you all can forget about all the losses on the road and just take care of the present business.Its not going to do the team or the fans any good to dwell on what we cant change, just keep playing like you are right now and it will all even out….Good luck tonight…GO BRAVES!!!

Way to go Braves!!!!!!! Now let’s go out there and sweep those Halos tonight!!! Let’s go Hotlanta!!!!!

Good job going to Anaheim and taking the Angels series. Good luck against the Rangers and their offense. With the way Chipper and McCann have hit this year, the Atlanta offense could balance theirs out since I think the Braves have the better pitching staff.

Can the Braves win on the road????
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great game tonight guys!
Jair was totally awesome pitching almost 8 innings with no runs.
Just keep doing what you did tonight guys because it is working for you.

Angeline L

Telling Jeff not to swing at the 1st pitch is like telling the sun not to rise.

When I played little league if we swung at first pitch we look laps after the game. And 99% of the time when Jeff swings at the first pitch it is HIGH and OUTSIDE. Holding off on the first pitch shows patien

To those of you that have been critcising Jeff … Jeff has been doing his part to help the team. He had a homerun in Chicago that gave us two runs last Thursday, a single on Friday and a two-run double on Monday night. In fact the whole team is looking better. They have had a lot to deal with with all of the injuries that have plagued the team, that is bound to affect the morale of the team. I think they are doing awesome given the circumstances.

(I am very defensive when it comes to my Braves.)


I have followed the Braves since the early 80’s. When they went through their 12 years of championships, they hit “with a level swing”, but now most of them use the “hit down on the ball” approach. That’s a Charlie Lau method, cause he says hit down and the ball will go through the infield and you will get a hit. But he forgot to mention that you also get a lot of pop ups Braves men on base and what do we get-2 or 3 popups). Swing through the ball (level swing) and you can drive the ball into the outfield or over the fence. I can’t undersand why TP doesn’t get them to do this. Remember Reggie Jackson? Hit 3 homers in world series game by driving the ball with a level swing (Get out some old tapes of Mantle, Williams, Aaron). The drove the ball. But the young kids now don’t understand it.

So far so good for this road trip. Ya’ll have the momentum right now to come back home on top of things. Ok so ya’ll lost last night, but ya’ll put up one hell of a fight with that loss. This is the best I have seen ya’ll all year on the road. I know that ya’ll can do this and keep up this pace you guys are absolutely the best. I love ya no matter win or lose. So with this road trip soon coming to an end ya’ll can bring your momentum back into Atlanta and get back on top again. It’s only a matter of time before you guys are ruling the division again. The All-Star break is soon and that is you guy’s time to shine like the stars that we all know you are. Your fans are here no matter what cheering you guys on so keep winning and keep playing you hearts out and no matter what we’ll all be loving you guys. We got FAITH that it can be done cause ATL has done it before. It’s NOT OVER til it’s OVER with the Braves.

Tell Smoltz to take it easy while he and Tiger Woods rehab!

Sometimes I think fans forget how hard it really is to play on the major league level. Just keep your head up Jeff, there are always going to be valleys if there are to be mountains. I hope we can keep our disable list short, but it seems that is not going to work to our advantage right now. I know the pitching rotation has taken a beating this year especially since Tim is the only veteran trying to hold up the rotation. Chipper is doing great, but as you well know it takes a team to win. There will always be slumps that everyone gets in and it will get better, just try not to overthink the mechanics of playing. KEEP THE FAITH! Now saying that, Let’s take 2 out of 3 from the Rangers!

I just wanted to say thanks! I went to the games in Chicago last week. Aside from the losses, it was one of the best experiences I have had.

After a brutal 1st day of harassment from the bleacher section, Jeff came out with smiles on Wednesday and was kind enough to sign the ball I stole from a Cubs fan. (Hey, he took one from my boyfriend first from Royce Ring, so only fair to take the one Fukudome tossed, right?) After a brief chat with the new Sammy Sosa (popular in the right field bleacher section, I assure you), Mark Kotsay was next to sign. You rock, Kotsay! (I talked to John and he said to call him. He loved the flowers). I would have loved a signature from B Mac since he is my favorite catcher, but since he left me hanging in the heat, I have now decided to put Frenchy in front of Brian as my favorite Brave to watch. You are both beat out by Escobar, sorry….. I love that kid! Keep up the doubles Mac. You’re a rockstar!
All of this sounds like random babble, I am sure, but in reality I have acquired great memories that I will cherish for a long time to come. Thank you all for that. I know we will take the Cubs in Atlanta. Or at least win one so I do not kill my Cubby friend. That was the longest 16 hour car ride home from Chicago!
Thanks for all you do! GO BRAVOS!!!!!

Teeka – The Caveman Fan

Jeff, great defense as usual, but the offense stinks. I have
been watching the Braves since 1980. The Braves just had
a couple of good players back then. I even bought a satellite dish so I could watch the games. These games lately have been more painful to watch than the early ’80 games. When Kelly drops a ball, that a ten year old could have caught, to lose that Friday night game, was painful.
When you come up to bat with runners of base, I can’t bare to watch. Just think about how many runs you have left of base in the last two weeks. When you took a day off, you hit great the next day. Maybe you should take a week off.
Sorry for being so truthful, but you are killing the ball team.

Dear Jeff,
please dont take hitting instructions from random Braves fans on your blog. You already can hit like a mother (that’s a good thing)

Does anyone know when and where the ” Swing like Reggie Jackson Camp” is going to be held? I am also looking for the ” When I was in Little League Conference”.
Will there be a cover charge for these events? Well, I have to go now. I’m running late to my “How Not to Show Your Stupidity on a Blog Page” meeting! Hopefully some of you will attend!!!!!

Atta boy Frenchy, nice Ribbie in the ninth to help us tie it. Sucks we couldn’t hang on to win, would’ve really helped. I agree with another comment about not taking advice from a bunch of fans about your hitting, you’re up there, they’re not. Keep doing what you do, we love you here in GA and we’re proud that you, McCann, Huddie and the rest are representing GA, ATL and the Braves. All of us fans will be there tomorrow when y’all get back home, lets get back on a roll and put a win streak together. Go Braves

I am loving this kid Morton! He is no JS, but a refreshing addition. B Jones isn’t too shabby either. Watch out Frenchy! He may be moving to RF…… lol.

Teeka – The Caveman Fan

I watched one pityfull game last night frenchy .You have to be worried about your contract because you played terrible and I just hate to see you come up to the plate with runners on have no idea where the ball is going when you swing at it and as I’m writing this your batting with a guy on first and third in the first inning and I know what’s going to happen.STRIKEOUT!!!!!!!!! I knew it was coming.We braves fans have a long season ahead of us with this team.It hurts to watch

Umm…Jeff…please go to a sports psychologist or to a Priest..your embarrasing yourself and YOUR TEAM…do you even realize the MAN IN SCORING POSITION you have left ON BASE JUST THIS WEEK…..YOUR OBP is down to .298! and do you ALSO KNOW…that you havent got the ball OUT OF THE INFIELD IN A WEEK…better get YOUR MIND right…you could do all the batting cages and all you want but IF you dont get your mind right…you will continue to struggle my friend, hope you get better and have a MONSTER Second Half…Good Luck…

Ya’ll struggled Friday and Saturday but you did come through with a Saturday night win. If winning a ballgame was as easy as some people that post here think, then we all could be professionals … but it isn’t and we are not. All players go through slumps Jeff. Just stay focused and listen to your coaches and you will come out of it. You had some good hits on the road that some of these people seemed to have missed or forgotten. I was there in Chicago when you made your 2 run homerun. You are a very talented young man and are going to do just fine.
Now to Brian McCann … a big “WHOO HOO” to Brian McCann for his game winning hit!!
Now on to pitchers … Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddux will always be my favorite pitchers … having said that I want to add that Jair Jurrjens is a joy to watch as he developes into what I believe is going to be another ace pitcher for Atlanta.

Jeff, we’re in your corner. My wife and I try to catch every game at least on TV. Our kids were at Brookwood when you were at Parkview. We root for you and Brian as if you were our own kids! As far as hitting, FWIW, I’ve always admired the fundamental “meet the ball” approach as a slump buster. Being a pro level bowler, I’ve found as cliche’ as it sounds, going back to basics can be a great help find the groove again. Good Luck!

Jeff, you are in a bad slump and your average is down to .246. Stop trying to hit a long ball when you can hit a single. I know that I can’t hit a 90 mph fastball, but you can. I watch every Braves game I can, and I always see you strike out. As you could tell a Little Leager, it’s O.K to strike out, but really STOP TRYING TO HIT HOMERS.

P.S. Watch out for the high-and-in fastball

It is really amusing to read the comments that are being left for Jeff. It is great to have so many people who are obviously experts on the finer points of the game, what with their experience in little league baseball and even professional bowling and all! I am certain that when Jeff reads that he ought to stop swinging at the high fastballs or that he needs to stop swinging at the first pitch, he will find a moment of clarity and begin his own trek towards a .400 BA season. Or, perhaps this is something he will have to work through on his own. I think his coaching staff, you know, the ones who are actually experts in the game of baseball, will be able to help him get back on track, but it will be Jeff Francoeur who ultimately gets himself out of this funk he is in. Most of us do not like having another person who is clearly not a qualified expert in the field tell us how to do our jobs. Why should we assume that it is our right to do that to Jeff?

I too am amazed that people think that this is a blog requesting advice from us .. it isn’t. It is a blog to “inform” us on what is going on and try to make us a part of things as we see them through the eyes of a very talented ball-player.
If the team is not doing as well as you would like saying something like “you’ll do better next time” is an appropriate post. Better yet, post what is going RIGHT with the team. Tim Hudson and Will Ohman both had innings with no runs … Mark Teixeira had three homeruns (2 as a leftie and one as a rightie) … and Brian McCann (one of my favs) also hit a homerun … but no one here has posted a “way to go guys on an awsome night”.
Until now any ways because I just have to say it, “Wow what a game … way to go guys on an awsome night!!!!!”


It seems now that Jeff right eye is the cause of his hitting issues, avg dropped to 246, but after watching the game last night, the issues are far more serious his stubborn with his swing and not be patient at the plate, not only that, but also his fielding is being affected by it as well. This last weekend, against the worst team in the majors he had two opportunities to throw runners out at the plate and lack the concentration to make the plays as we are used to. It is affecting his whole game and it is damaging the braves run to the playoffs. Jeff needs to start producing soon, I mean before the all star break for us to have a chance. Angeline you are right on your comments, but the team needs to be more consistent, that means sweeping the Mariners, worst team in baseball, and winning one run games on the road. Did you all realize if we had won half of the one run losses we could have the best record in baseball?
It’s time to build a streak…as bad as it seems, we are only 4 1/2 games back, are you kidding me, we can still do this…Kotsay is about to come back in a week, hopefully Hampton is due back after the break, he is doing well in the rehab assignment, but I won’t hold my breath…Hope Chipper gets healthy soon this week…starting pitching is coming along nicely, considering all the injuries, Glavine will be out 4 to 6 weeks…is Gonzalez becomes consistent, then we have a closer, first appearance he closed nicely, but the next, he allowed 3 runs…The hitting is the key, we barely beat Seattle 2 out of 3 (Had to come back late in 2nd game) and lost 10-2 1st game…last night again we didn’t hit, this is git ti change… (We have never hit Ben Sheets anyway) HINT: He is a free agent next year and with Smoltz, Glavine, and Hampton most likely gone next year this is a no brainer…Good thing that Phillis and Mets are losing as well…

Come come now. I think that Jeff really does appreciate all the criticisms regarding his swing and average. I am sure he is writing down all the quality advise that is being thrown at him. Who needs a paid batting coach when you have the Fearless Bloggers in Frenchy’s Forum! Way better!
I watch almost every game and my fella can count on one hand how many he has missed. In all those games, I do not see that Francouer is the sole problem, nor the sole reason for success. They can’t win them all. We can only keep on cheering. That is our job as fans.
I truly appreciate the good play gentlemen! Ya’ll will work out the rough patches! GET HEALTHY!
(oh, and Frenchy…. I was just kidding about B Jones taking over your position! Hope all is OK, or will get better soon!)

Teeka – The Caveman Fan

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perserverance; and perserverance, character; and character, hope.
Romans 5:3-4

I am not saying we aren’t struggling, I just think some posts go too far by focusing only on the negative and never mention what the Braves are doing right. There are definately things the team can work on and are working on. I heard last night as did most of you that Jeff’s dad had persuaded him to see an eye doctor because of such a difference in Jeff’s night games and day games. Hopefully the contact will help him see better at the night games.
I want us to win too and make the playoffs (I have withdrawels when the season ends!!)
On another note … let me get my pom poms back out and give a big cheer for Buddy Carlisle’s performance last night!

Hi Frenchy,

Best of luck to you & the team. Just hang in there and just do the basics man, the rest will come. Pitchers have your number right now. Just go back to the basic and just make good contact and you will be back on top

Fellow fans,

Here we go again, I guess the right contact is not working, obviously is a mechanical thing, that day or night stats is pure coincedence…My friends also is working on his head because 2 errors in 1st inning is unreal and unheard of…Also we continue to make average or below average pitchers (records worst than 3-6 era 5+) looking like Cy Young all starts, except Sheets, always has beaten Atlanta), hitting is a major problem now…The brewers announcers are even talking about how come the braves are playing so poorly,,,Jeff just made another horrific throw to home as the brew crew scores yet another run, 4-0…

There is much frustration among players, shown by Escobar, known for being a nice guy…

Just want to offer you some advice. Go and look at some tape from 2005, when you were tearing the cover off the ball, and you batted .300 with 14 HR. Take a look at your batting stance and notice how you swung the bat, nice and level, held on to the bat with two hands every swing and your front leg was straight and planted firmly in the ground at the point of contact, not bent like I see it now. And hopefully you can get back to the mechanics you had in ’05, that will prove beneficial now. Because I notice this year, that when you swing and miss or foul it off, you make a powerful swing and hold on to the bat with two hands. But when you put the ball in play, most of the time you’re reaching down and away, letting go with one hand and just pulling a weak one handed bouncer to left side of the infield, not getting any power behind your swing. Pitches down and away, just make a half swing and serve it to right field, and pitches middle-in, make a full swing and pull those into left field. It pains me to watch you hit this year, because I know your’re a much better hitter than that. Like I said just see if you can take a look at that film from ’05 and even ’06 when you hit 29 HR, make the necessary adjustments and let’s take-off this year and win this division. It’s there for the taking.
Oh and one more thing, I hope you remember this. But in August, 2006 in a game against the Phillies at home, we attended the game while on vacation. Me and my dad were in the right field seats. And in a crucial part of the game, with a man on second for the Phils’, my dad shouted, “throw ’em out at the plate Franc” and you turned around, acknowleged him, and laughed, like sayin’, “hey, somebody noticed that I’m good at throwing out guys at the plate”. But yeh, we thought that was great that you acknowleged us. That was the highlight of that game for us. And the Braves won 3-1 which made it even better. I’ve never been to a Braves game that they lost. I’ve been to 5, and wish I’d been to more. Allright Franc’ I’m confident the Braves will turn this season around and make the playoffs, take care and God bless.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

OK…. I was able to catch the last few innings of the Mariners game at lunch and I saw the most amazing thing! A pitch out to Frenchy to get to Chipper! I got a little nervous at first. It looked like you wanted to swing at one, Jeff. =0) This is a joke of course. I appreciate the way you play on all sides and more importantly, I appreciate your character. My opinion might be different if you were an unsavory individual in person, but you’re not. You are a class act along with several of your colleagues. (Except Brian Mccann. I am still bitter he did not sign my ball when he clearly gave me the “hang on a second” finger…….. Still sweating, B Mac. Still sweating, lol)

Nice job to Gonzo – 32 and counting…. good to have you back!
Kelly, you are a rock star! Keep up the good work! (oh, I appreciate the smile in Chicago. Made for a nice pic. Doesn’t beat the cheese Huddie gave me, but a nice pic none-the-less.)

Escobar – ¡Que se mejore!
Teeka – The Caveman Fan

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy … Braves win!!!
Kudos to Kelly Johnson who went went 2-for-4 with three badly needed RBIs and to Gregor Blanco for his RBI single in the fifth.
We had great pitching today by Jorge Campillo, Blaine Boyer, and Mike Gonzalez.
Congratulations to Brent Lillibridge for his first career hit.

Get well wishes to all my beloved Braves on the DL. Get well soon. WE NEED YOU!!!!

when are you going to stop looking like a fool swinging at all those horrible pitches? Keep that up and don’t expect to remain in Atlanta too long. Take notes from Mac.

All I have to say is I think you need to quit trying to be the hero – I think when you get up to bat & the bases are loaded you are already reading the headlines! I understand that from watching your special on tv – you have got to let that go and be a team player – put the ball in play – sacrafice – take a walk! Do what you can to get one run not a grand slam. You are pressing way too much & it seems like you only have a homerun on your mind when you swing & nothing else! I hate that you are struggling & only hope for the best for you!!!!

What a way to start a series guys!!! Great defence in your Toronto opening. Tex was awesome as usual. Good job closing by Gonzalas … but the night belonged to Jair Jurrgens!!! YOU ROCK JAIR!!!!!!

you want to hear some irony….. you play right field, but you refuse to hit it there. why is that? And tell Bobby that the braves should sign bonds.. We need more offense.

I believe that wearing your emotion’s on your sleeves, makes you play better. Well, I think it’s time you guys started showing some! Please! Because we gotta start winning consistently! I know we can win the East!

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.


Don’t you think it is time for you to start playing “Productive” baseball. Quit playing for yourself and start playing for the team. Just start having fun with it.


I didn’t realize there were so many unemployed hitting coaches out there. I know this thing will turn around for the Braves. As bad as the 1st half has been, it’s not even close to being decided. Stay positive and you’ll get back on track, helping the Braves to start a new run of division titles!!!!

I hate you are going through a slump. I know you are a man of faith so it is my prayer that God will use this struggle to bring you closer to Him. I appreciate your witness. You always do such a wonderful job of letting His Light shine in your life. 1 Peter 1:6-7 (NIV) “6 In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7 These have come so that your faith?of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire?may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”


It’s sickening seeing you guys lose on the road so often this year. And I know you guys have had enough of it too. But in my opinion, there’s only a few differences of playing on the road vs. playing at home.
1. You bat in the top of the inning instead of the bottom. So just think, you still get 9 innings to bat.
2. You don’t bat last in the 9th, or in extra innings. So you can’t get a walk off hit. But you can, try and grab the lead in the top of the inning, so you can get a walk off pitch, that results in the final out.
3. The fans are not cheering for you, and they’re telling you insulting things. Well, there’s not much I can say to that. Except, just see if you guys can block those things out.
4. And remember, on the road, you’re still playing baseball. The same game that you play at home. 60 ft. 6 in. from the mound rubber to home plate. And 90 ft. between the bases.
So if you want to. See if you guys can think about those 4 things. And if you do. Hopefully this will be sound advice, and it can help you guys on the road. Because I know you guys like to win as bad as I do. Anyway, I just wanted to offer some help Franc. And don’t worry, you’ll steadily get better as the year goes along!
Grand Cayman, C.I.

Well Jeff, it?s July, and there couldn?t be a better way to start this crucial month than with a clash with the first place Phillies at home. For a team under five hundred and only about four games out of first place a sweep would be a helpful start. Now that Chipper could be headed onto the DL, it?s time for you to step up your game and be the player you know you can be and have been in your early career. The start of this new month marks a new start for you and an opportunity to forget the early struggles you have had this season. Patience and confidence are crucial elements a young leader like you needs needs to excel in Major League at bats. Use these two elements to cash in on key at bats with men in scoring position and in other instances to start a rally by putting yourself in scoring position. Take a look at the Tampa Bay Rays, they have a young pitching staff that is getting it done, but wait, we have a coincidence, the Braves also have a young pitching staff that has been getting the job done lately. I truly believe the Atlanta Braves can be the National League?s Tampa Bay Rays by turning their season around, and it all starts now. Whether or not you guys can do this depends on what you and your teammates believe. For the Braves, the only missing piece right now is Jeff Francoeur?s consistency. Good luck Braves, and remember patience along with a great deal of confidence is the key to success.

Jeff…I have been a Braves fan for 35 years and am truly amazed by what you guys are doing with such a long injury roster. I have only one small piece of advice for you…don’t swing at the first pitch. Even though it may work for you a small percentage of the time…you will throw the opposing pitcher’s timing off by you not swinging. Every single one of them expect you to swing at that first pitch and they already have the next three pitches planned out for you. You are one of the greatest young hitters out there and you could knock every pitch out of the park. I want to see you succeed even more and just want you to select your pitches wisely as that will not only give you the upper hand but will surely raise your batting average by at least 50 points or more.

Jeff, I just wanted to stop by and show you some love! You are an awesome player and even a better person! I enjoyed so much watching the special on you and your family on SportSouth. Continue with your positive attitude and I know this slump will end?because you can?t keep a good man down! True Braves fans are behind you all the way!! Go Braves!!

Poor Golden Boy….if he reads these comment, he will never get out of that funk…..from the average Joe, Pro Bowler, arm chair hitting instructor, prayers of slumpbusters, visits to the priest….on and on..aint nothing going to help!!
Jeff you should have signed like your (real franchise player)buddy Mac..Now all the pressure is on you.
My only tip to you is try getting your uni dirty sometimes so that you can catch a ball that seems to drop two feet from you every game….if you cant do it with better take out that golden glove you played with last year….best of luck or should I say break a leg!

Even though most people want him gone. I think it’s time to lay off Bobby Cox. Because his contract runs through ’09. And the Braves aren’t going to fire him. So we can’t be running down the man that has to lead this team back to the playoffs! And Jeff. If you feel like, take a listen to this song. Artist: Skillet – Title: Collide. I believe it could offer you some inspiration! And I saw you went 1 for 4 last night. Hopefully that one hit can be the start of consistent hitting for you, and consistent winning for the team.
Never give up, Braves!
Grand Cayman, C.I.

I think your worrying too much man. We need you this year, don’t give up. Everyone in the clubhouse and in the seats knows what your capable of.

2007 highlights:

Jeff Jeff….enough, just pack up your bags and go…..NOW PLEASE….be a man do it for the team!!….go get your head need a change…men LOB is getting ridiculous?

Another nice game, Jeff. You are killing the team. I have watched every game since 1981, through the good times and the bad times. If you play tomorrow night against Houston, I will not watch another game this entire year. I will go to Blockbuster to rent a movie.

Dear Jeff

Slumps are tough…that is what makes baseball the game that it is…try not to be so hard on yourself….have some fun you’re a grown man playing a boys game…have some with it you will find the light at the end of the tunnel…you are still one of my top two favorite players…i look forward to watching you turn things around
braves fan for life…josh hanson, wichita, KS

To the fans…

I am 29 years old…i have been a braves since i was 3…ironic it corresponds with another great number 3…anyway most of you make me sick…your insulting comments and arm chair coaching are ridiculous…this is what part of being a fan is you deal with the bad…it happens…we are spoiled! Be happy that we won 14 straight division titles a feat that no other team in the history of sports has ever accomplished! stop ridiculing jeff…he is not the soul blame for struggles they play and lose as a team or maybe you guys haven’t noticed….try showing up to some of the games have some faith…things aren’t always going to go our way…believe in the abilities of our injury riddled team….a lot of teams would have rolled over by now…things will come together…maybe some sorry and ungrateful fans need a change of scenary…the band wagon is open in boston, philly, or new york…those are cities that love thier teams only when they do well…maybe some of you should look at cub fans…100 years no ring…but they sell out every game even when they struggle…real fans…in short you closet fans should pack your bags and go some where else…
true fan josh hanson wichita,KS

To Josh Hanson … I appreciate your comments. I have had the privilege of meeting Jeff Francoeur several times and he is an absolute sweetheart to the fans. He is always warm and friendly and willing to sign autographs for everyone. I hate how some people bash him here. He doesn’t deserve it. If they think bashing Jeff is going to help Jeff get out of his slump they are wrong, it only adds to his frustation. Jeff is not the only baseball player in a slump and not the only Braves in a slump. Slumps are part of the game. No one is a “golden boy” all the time and ALL players past, present, and future have slumps.
To Jeff Francoeur … You have the support and adoration of your fans, the love of your family, and your faith in the Lord to see you through this trying time. You are in my prayers.

Hey Jeff,
Keep your head up kid! You’ll get things worked out in no time in Pearl! We’ll miss you while your there, but you’re a big leaguer, and it won’t be long and you’ll be back in right at the Ted. Don’t listen to all the bullshit and you will be fine.

Hey Angeline, you sound like a sweet girl. I just got laid off from my job of 18yrs…could you say a pray for me too…..thank you!

To thedugout – I will remember you in my prayers Dugg. It must be hard to give that many years to a company just to have them close the doors on you, especially when everyone is already struggling with the economy the way it is now.

To Jeff – do what you need to do in Mississippi and come back better than ever.

I’m can’t begin to tell you how i bad i feel for you right now…i can’t imagine how hard it to be demoted….however, have some fun! youre an exciting player to watch….it will all come back to you soon…i can’t wait for you to get back and make all of these “fans” eat their own words….tear it up up kid show the world that you are still the player you know you are!!!
josh hanson wichita, ks

I think Angeline’s advice may stand the closest to what Jeff Francoeur needs to focus on right now. Last night’s game (7/3) had one announcer asking the question “what should they do to help Jeff break out this slump” (or words to that effect). I’m sure we all wondered whether a trip back to his ‘roots’ wouldn’t help. After the game was over I happened to catch the last half of the movie The Legend of Baggar Vance on another satelite channel. I’ve seen this movie many times, and am always amazed how Baggar (the caddy) shows Junah (the golfer) “the Field” … “look for your own swing Mr. Junah”…….. “But that swing is going to FIND YOU !”

We all seem to want to ‘caddy’ for Jeff or any other person we meet who is going through it, and the efforts are well intended. But they have to walk it alone, because that’s where they and all of us hopefully find the Field .. our own swing. I would bet Jeff has watched this movie more than once too, but especially for anyone going through those tough times … go ahead and rent the movie. Then listen carefully to what Baggar tells Junah when he is at the absolute rock bottom, lowest point of his life being played out in a golf match — if it doesn’t bring tears, watch it again. It is about mind, it is about determination, it is about Heart, and it is about ‘sight’.

The “Field” is looking for Jeff too, and you can be sure He will find him. He can’t miss.

Thanks Baggar

Nice little golf story there terbird!
I just read on quote from Jeff “this has really put a damper on my relationship with the Atlanta Braves”
Well Jeff when I was left go of a job that I gave my blood sweat and tears for 18yrs caned me….yeah it damped my relationship with them…but I moved on!
Becareful what you say…you could be moving on too, but to another team!

Jeff…you need to look at this in a positive way not as a demotion or that “this has really put a damper on my relationship with the Atlanta Braves”. You need to get your swing back and then come back and help the team get back to the top. Before you go making comments like that to the AJC you should really think about how privileged you are to be playing MLB for a living while the rest of us watch and pay to see the games. Jeff… I love watching the Braves play and watching you play RF, but when big leaguers make comments like that it really rubs me the wrong way. You have to think about all of us that would love to be in your shoes instead of paying to watch big league games.

Since the majority of us are lucky enough to be able to do our jobs without 40,000 people watching in person every night and judging us, not to mention the rest of the fans across the country, I think it’s pretty callous to come onto this blog and leave messages ripping apart Jeff. He came into this league and was immediately dubbed the Golden Boy, and it would be one thing if he was just sitting back on that title and not doing anything to improve his play. But when this guy is working his butt off doing everything he possibly can to break out of this slump and help the team, while playing through injuries, it’s maddening that some people can be so cruel.

Jeff, I can’t even imagine the frustration and resignation you must be feeling right now. But thank you for all the hard work you do, and know that we’re pulling for you. We wish you all the best.

First let me say congrats to the Braves for a great game last night! It was good to win again. I think our team has been amazing this year when you consider the fact that we don’t have the team we thought would be playing. With so many players constantly on the DL, Atlanta is doing so much better than people give them credit for. Congratulations to Jason Perry for his first major league at bat producing a RBI triple that produced a run through Brian McCann.
Jeff, I am sorry you were robbed of the homerun you hit in Mississippi last night. You still had a good night though going 2-for-5 with two singles, a walk and a run scored. I understand you being frustrated about having to go back down to Mississippi, but it is going to help you get back to the player we know you to be. I get so frustrated at some comments made here. Yes baseball players are well paid, but does that make their pain or frustration any less? No it doesn’t. They have the same feelings that the rest of us have. Fans can be so fickle, cheering you on one day and booing you the next. Well, I am not that kind of fan. I believe in you Jeff, you need to believe in you too.

I agree with most of the comments on here from the loyal Braves fans. I’ve been a fan since I was about 7 years old. I’m not trying to put Jeff down at all. I know he works very hard, plays hurt and gives 100% every day, and I love watching him play as well as the rest of the team. All I’m saying is take one for the team, go down and get things worked out and come back better than ever. The team needs you Jeff, esp. after being swept by Phillie. Comments like that to the AJC isn’t good for anyone, the team the fans or the kids that idolize you. We all look forward to seeing you back in the Bigs soon Jeff. Good Luck!

Angeline…..”robbed of a home run”….please I was at the game.The ball was foul 10feet…the rookie ump blew the call and admitted it in the post game…he did play a good game thou…Perry sure looked good too!

Yes Jeff was robbed. To quote Thomas Stinson of the AJC “He hit a home run in the first inning that was overruled and called a foul ball. ” The radio announcer I was listening to used the same term as me and I stand by my statement.
I suppose since you live in Mississippi you may have never gotten to meet Jeff. If you do ever meet him, you will view him in a different light. I have met him several times and he is a gracious player who is not only willing to sign autographs for everyone, but actually acts like he is thrilled to meet you. A lot of players won’t even give fans the time of day. Jeff is not like that. He is a good guy.
I think him being sent to Mississippi is a good thing. He can regroup and refocus on the game.

I think Jeff should hire a hypnotist to hypnotize him to make him forget everything every batting coach and batting coach wannabe has told him in the past 3 years and put his mindset back to where it was July 7, 2007 when he first stepped up to the plate in a Braves uniform and slammed it out of the park.

Angeline…” overruled and called foul “…by 10 ft…ROBBED is when a player leaps over the fence to snag a HR…the ball was clearly Jeff knew it too ..he stopped running when he saw it go foul. No I have never meet Jeff, but Iam sure as you say….he is a good guy!

Frenchy no worries mate, you still got plenty of fans that are rootin’ for ya and know you’ll find your stroke in no time. Good luck!

Hey guys, enough of Frenchie, he is gonfoe a while now, and id he does not do well there, he may not get his big contract or maybe traded by the July 31st, trust me on this one…Look at the fire that Perry is playing with, remind me of someone promoted to the bigs a couple of years ago (Hint #3), first at bat 3b rbi, go figure…I will see Frenchy this week in Jacksonville and I will report his progress…Now the problem at hand is that the whole team is not hitting, swept by Phils, Houston beat us 6-1, Mac Homerun, but Mac is in the bench todays’s lineup. why? It can’t be tired, he is geting pay for it, He is hitting the ball hard every at bat, lately, and Bobby gave him a day off? There is no time now for days off, we can’t afford any, best players must play until we are in first place, then, may then a day off…Left hand ptcher? Mac is hitting LH pitches better than anyone in the team, go figure…Everyone is waiting on everyone to make it happen and be a leader, even Chipper last night shows how not focus this team is, had a LH pitcher and was prepared to hit with the wrong gear as LH hitter instead RH hitter, totally lost, not paying attention, to include coaches…They all are going thru the motions awating impatiently for the ALL Star Break…Keep loosing like this to spot starter/Relievers they are going to be out of contention by the break because the west coast trip coming up, tough, a bad outing out west and we are a done deal!!!
Angeline, are you single? Hof often do you go to games?


Congratulations Chipper Jones and Brian McCann for making the All Star Team!!!

To j.ortiz- Yes I am single. I don’t get to come to as many games as I like since I live 2 hours from Atlanta and work full-time and am in college full-time. I like to come for Sunday games or certain series when I can. I had planned on coming to every Sunday game pitched by Smoltz or Glavine (my favorites) but that didn’t work out so well. Next games I have tickets for are the Brewers series in August. I also like to come when we are playing the Mets. The last series I went to was when the Braves were in Chicago in June. Every baseball fan needs to see Wrigley and Fenway at least once. (Yes I have been to Fenway.)

Wow way to go Braves!! That was an amazing 17 innings (thanks to Yunel tying the game). Pitching was terrific, especially Buddy Carlyle. (I hope Manny’s hamstring is ok after his great job of pitching.)

WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Hurry and get that defining swing back so you can come back and join the team again. Until then you know we all love you!!

And to the rest of the Braves,
Chipper && McCann congrats on making the All-Star team.. Go out there and kick some American League Rear End. I love you guys.
That was a tremendous win last night, way to not give up! You guys deserved to win that one. Lets get back on the winning side of things with the All-Star break coming up soon. Things can only get better from there. We love you guys.
Hope to see you all soon back in Atlanta when I come up that way for a game.
Love Y’all!
Erica [Pensacola, FL]

Woo hoo! I am glad your stay in Mississippi was short and productive as well. I missed seeing you in the line-up!!


I guess if you cry loud enough and be a brat, you get your toys back…..the Front office blew this one…and probally Jeffs future with the braves!

Well, just when we think things are about to change, we left our bats in Atlanta, how many hours of sleep did we get? Jeff, it would be nice to hear from you soon and tell us if anything changed in Mississippi…You are very lucky man, at the expense of 3 more players to the DL you are back, I’m glad you didn’t play last night because the way Kuroda was pitching, even Chipper looked foolish, Tex got lucky on a pitch keft high…If the braves GM trade Tex away this month, the braves will finish last in the division, this is very realistic…the mets re making a move now, a move that we didn’t make when we needed to…Marlins are hitting a lot, leading the majors in HR…that leave the Nats, well, we have a loosing record against them this year, mmmmmmmm??? Note: Kuroda was just activated from DL for this game…T

Good job Tuesday night Jeff. Welcome back!!!!

Good Job on your return last night Jeff.. You were definately missed!! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with your bat.. I know that you have it in you to do great things now we’re just waiting for that moment when you come up to the plate and look the way you did in your debut 3 years ago.. You were confident and played one hell of a game.. We know that you can still do that.. And I’m not the one to sit here and tell you what to do when it comes to baseball I just watch it not play it.. But when you get up there to bat go up there with the confidence in knowing that you CAN DO IT!! You really do have it in you to do great things I promise you that and we can all see it in your eyes that you want to be doing better.. But you really shouldn’t beat yourself up over this you can do it and you know you can and so does your team.. Atlanta has one of the best franchises in the history of baseball and all you guys are great friends and get along so well.. Just know that when you are up there and that you can do it and that you do have the power to do great things at the plate you have to believe in yourself and believe that you can do it.. I already believe in you and so do many other people that watch you play each and everytime that you go out there on that field.. I’m going to leave you with this, I’m a Frenchy Fan no matter what but you can do amazing things on that field in the outfield and behind the plate BELIEVE IN YOURSELF JEFF!! That’s the only way that you are going to get things rolling the right way.. You must first believe that you can do it before it will happen..
By the way great game last night y’all!!
Keep it up and we’ll be in good shape going into the All-Star break..
Love y’all!
Erica (Pensacola, FL)

Great to see you back in the lineup last night! I missed you so much! Stay relaxed and focused, and get that great second half you deserve. I am praying for you!
Much Love,

My little sister was so happy that you got that ground ball single last night…she was ovewhelmed with tears…good game defensive game Jeff!

Congrats on the HR tonight, Jeff!

Tim Hudson pitched another great game. One run losses are heartbreakers.

Way to go tonight Jeff. I am so proud for you!!!! I knew you would turn everything around.

I hate we lost of course, but being an Andruw Jones fan I do have to say I was proud for him last night as well.

Congrats Jeff on the HR last night!! You looked amazing in a game that just wasn’t meant for us to win.. Great pitching all around.. Love you guys!!
Erica [[Pensacola]]

It is good to have you back, Jeff! Keep that smile! Looks good on my HDTV =op. I have a feeling that the future will be a lot brighter for the Braves after the break. You all can do it!
Teeka ~ The Caveman Fan

Hey Jeff, I heard the pre game interview yesterday on the Padres radio….you said some real childish things about your AA stay…you can’t run your mouth on the organization like that….I hope for YOU that YOUR prediction on a MONSTER second half is true….or your time with the Braves will be short lived!

Spectacular job Saturday night Frenchy!!! It is a good thing they brought you back early! Your real fans never lost faith in you.
Great pitching by Charlie Morton, Will Ohman, Blaine Boyer, and Mike Gonzalas. I have to say I enjoyed watching former Brave Greg Maddux as well (I loved it when he stole 2nd base!).
BIG congrats to Brent Lillibridge on his first major league homerun!!!

A great end to the series guys!!! I was worried when Brian McCann got hit, but all worries were gone after Brian got a homerun his next at bat.

Can’t wait to see Brian McCann and Chipper Jones in the AllStar Game!

Enjoy the break guys 🙂


I know you have been going through a lot lately, but I would really like to see a new entry from you. I am sure we all would. Since you are not shaving anymore, I know you have a few extra minutes.
Teeka ~ The Caveman Fan

How’s the swing feeling? Ready to make a big push during the 2nd half? We need you sir.

Hey Jeff, did you forget about your BLOG?…give us an update please..if you can find the time!

I guess his waiting for that .231 avg to go up…be for he can blog!!

im straving for an update here did you forget about the fans???????????????

Great job in Florida last night guys!!


wow…that was a hell of a AB there in the 4th inning, please review that AB. It’s very hard to hit balls above your eyes…and Jeff please stop guessing and look for a pitch you can hit!…gezzzz!!!

You all need to stop telling him how to hit
Im sure he gets this all of the time
Glad to get u back from double a
Hope u get hot

I think Frenchy has forgotten about his forum. I guess he is busy taking batting practice.

…no I think he has forgotten his fans…rumor has it he will be traded to the Royals by next week!

The Royals? Ha. Down here in Tampa we’re keeping a keen eye on what the Queens of KC have to offer for the kid. We’ll be heavily involved in Francoeur’s destination. Hey Frenchy, get your plane ticket, come down, enjoy the beach and the hot ladies who cover them, then come slap the ball around indoors and play some elite RF. We’ll keep a light on for ya.

frenchy’s not going anywhere with the #’s he has we would take a beating on the trade right now but i think he’s still upset at the braves sending him down to aa and bobby is to nice of a guy to get in his *** like he needs to.He looks like he’s on drugs to me.I can’t remember the last time he played well.He has single handedly ruined our chances to be in the playoffs!!!Chipper never mentions trying to help him and I think he probably won’t listen to him because he’s the “natural” golden boy.Pack your bags and go back to aa and learn to lay off of those high fastballs everyone of your team mates and all of the braves fans are tired of that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff … your fans love, support, and are rooting for you.

I wish more people were like Angeline. She is very positive, and it looks like she has alot of faith in God. Which is a very important thing. The world needs more people like that.
Francoeur, it looks like you maybe on the way to something good. You scored a run, went 2 for 5 and you would have had another hit, if that Geoff Jenkins didn’t rob ya!
One another thing Francoeur, I took a listen to this song and found a good message in it. And just thought you might want to check it out also. The Artist is Creed, and the Title is Don’t Stop Dancing. I know the title sounds a bit strange, but don’t let that turn you off. Listen to the song, and even read the lyrics at the same time if you want. I know that you can relate to it, because of what you’ve gone through this year. And I believe it could give you some extra inspiration on top of what you already have. It’s just an idea, you could try it if you feel like. Because remember, a good portion of this game is mental. And if you have the mental part mastered, then you’ve won half the battle. So just keep fighting, and help this team get back in the playoffs, make a run at the World Series, and hopefully bring a 2nd title to Atlanta! And if it doesn’t happen, then so be it. But you guys can hang your hat on giving it your all!
Grand Cayman, C.I.

Thanks for your kind words Aaron. Jeff and the rest of the team need to know we support them because as you said, so much of the game is mental.

You did a good job last night Frenchy!

Brian McCann, you were awesome with your single home run and that amazing grand slam!! You had Chipper Jones beaming with pride.

Jair Jurrjens, you were flawless with your eight inning shut -out. I look forward to seeing you help make the Braves the team I know they really are.


@karlscabinet – You really have no right to make statements on behalf of every Atlanta Braves fan and you absolutely should not speak for his teammates as you are not one. It is absurd that you would write something so moronic as to speculate that Francoeur is on drugs. Upon what are you basing this claim? If you can’t remember the last time he has played well, try thinking back to last night. I hope that is not too far of a stretch for you. Finally, no one person on this team has “ruined our chances to be at the playoffs” this year. In fact, the team is still very much in the race. You seem to enjoy making baseless blankets statements about issues in which you clearly have no true insight. Well, here is a truly insightful blanket statement about your recent post as well as any future ones…..They are garbage!

No problem Angeline. I just give credit, where credit is due.
But yow! Saturday was was one of the worst losses of the year, for sure. I mean, I was all bummed out when they went down 3-0 early. And then I thought. “I’m sick of this team losin’ so often. For some reason before the top of the 4th began. I just started screaming at the TV, and saying c’mon Braves, let’s strapped it up, show some resiliency and come back and win this game. The stinken Phillies swept us not once, but twice @ the Ted dis year, let’s just return da fava na. And da same inning dey blew up for 9 runs. Den I wa pumpin’ my fist, in quiet confince, envisioning this team finally exploding into the powerhouse that we all thought they would be from the start of the season. And before I could dream about that good. The Braves imploded in the bottom of the 5th, giving up 7 runs. Then my enthusiasm just dropped to zero. And den one of my bum, pessimist Braves fan friends, came at the same time of that disaster, And said “Ah the pathetic Braves are choking again. And he said in the 6th, dat dey probably gonna lose by dat same 10-9 score. And then I quickly yelled and pointed my finger at him and said “I cancel dat in the name of Jesus.” I frightened the hell out of him! But unfortunately dey still lost! Stink! But da was one of the most gut wrenching losses that I’ve seen or listened to this year!
And on Saturday, I wanted to strangle Eric Karros. Gee, if you didn?t know any better, you would have thought for sure that it was a Phillies broadcast. What a poor job on being neutral. Pretty much every thing he was saying was in favor of Philadelphia. FOX should be ashamed!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I’m currently watchin’ da Braves game. And the future for the Braves season doesn’t look good right now. They once again have blown a decent lead in a game. Score 5 in the top and give up 5 in the bottom. And after the 4th, they continued to give up runs on defense. It’s now 12-6 in the top of the 8th with 1 out and the bases loaded. But at least Atlanta is threatening now. Since I’m an optimist, I believe that they can still come back. But dat’s just me. It’s not likely, but what the heck, I never give up hope.

One more important thing, that I forgot to mention.
That was a scary collision in the 6th. I was worried about McCann big time, as Mac layed motionless. I just hope he’s allright. And he can come back and play soon.
Good at bat in the 9th Francoeur, getting the walk, To at least bring the tyin’ run to the plate, and maybe someone can pop one.
But I had to stop watchin’ the game on TV, because I couldn’t take listening to Jon Sciambi and Joe Simpson anymore. They sound a bit boring, and they commentate too neutral. It’s disgusting to listen to. It’s supposed to be Braves Baseball. Not a national telecast!
So from the 7th, I just went and listened to rest of the game on the radio. I much rather hear Pete Van Wieren any day. He’s without a doubt, a Hall of Fame announcer, and a Braves broadcasting icon, along with Skip Caray. I miss seein’ those guys on Television.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

My prayers are with you Brian McCann. It was so scary watching you get hit like that. I was glad to see them interview you on Braves Live after the game.

I know alot of people pronounced the Braves dead on Sunday.
But I’m not in that boat. I just said a prayer. Asking for help. So the Atlanta Braves can win 8 in a row, starting tonight against the Cardinals. The prayer went like this:
Lord, I ask if you can give the Braves good health, give them the strength, give them the ability, give them the will to win and most of all, give them the passion to win! And I pray that they will have the ability to win at least 8 in a row. Hopefully more. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I say the Braves should go after Casey Kotchman. He’s just 25 years old. His salary is only $1.45 million. And he won’t be a free agent until after the 2011 season. He is the Angels team leader in batting average, hitting .288 with 10 HR and 50 RBIs. This would make alot of sense to me. And I guarantee you, that the Braves would do remarkebly better right away!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Well foes, the Braves are done for the year. We will be major deal sellers this week. With Chipper and Hudson in DL is, sorry and sad to say, OVER!!! Reyes back down to Richmond and the organization only bringing up Morton, tonight’s starter (we know that) he never left the team on Saturday, but bringing 2 catchers up, does not make sense to me, we need the best hitter available in the minor, doesn’t matter in which class…This is not fault of any particular player, pitcher, or combination….is the organization that has, once again, has failed to plan and run, once proud franchise, to include coaching…2 blown leads this last weekend, a sweet sweep could have been the turning point…If Wren is smart, with the salary from Hampton and glavine he can keep Texeira for a long time, plus sign either Ben Sheet or CC Sabathia in the off season and maybe, yes, maybe trade Frenchie (Everyone noticed he has not written for 1 1/2 month) couldn’t take the pressure of, not only not hitting, but also the brutal comments here…They should also go get Jason Bay or Matt Holiday, trust me without big Tex, chipper will not have as good year…If they empty the roster, (Tex, Frenchie, Ohman-our best reliever by far), and Kotsay-best hitting outfielder 290, we will finish dead last this season…The whole process is up to the rookie tonight (Morton), this is our organization plan ahead, look Hampton example, 3 years waiting for that horrible showing last Saturday, please, us fans deserve much better, Wren can do much better with 40 million available, that includes all the scheduled raises in 2009…someone please help me!!!

Wow! This is the first time in my life that I’ve had to deal with the Braves losing like this? Ironically I started following Atlanta Braves Baseball on TBS, religiously in 1991! I was only 4 years old at the time. And the only reason I got into baseball in the first place, is because of my Dad. If he never had Braves Baseball on all the time when I was young. Then I probably would have never gotten into sports at all. And definitely wouldn’t have the passion that I have for game of baseball now. Every year that goes by, my passion grows larger. So I am very thankful for my father getting me into sports. Because I couldn’t imagine living life without a passion for sports. I would guess it would be pretty boring!
But when I sit down and think about it. I believe that the 2008 Braves are worst than the dreadful 2006 team. And that sayin’ somethin!’ Do the names Chris Reitsma, Jorge Sosa and John Foster bring back nightmares. And the statistic, (Blown Save).
All I can say is that I’m a very deflated Braves fan right now! I will continue to watch the Braves the rest of the season, in hopes that a miracle will happen, and they can reel of a few 5 game win streaks at least. But I don’t envision this having the possibility of happening until August 1st. When year end free agents that will not re-sign with Atlanta anyway are traded. That list includes: Teixeira, Kotsay and Ohman.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I still support my team. The Braves have been dealt a bad hand this year with all the injuries.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.


I still support my team. The Braves have been dealt a bad hand this year with all the injuries.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.


I still support my team. The Braves have been dealt a bad hand this year with all the injuries.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.


I still support my team. The Braves have been dealt a bad hand this year with all the injuries.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.


I still support my team. The braves were dealt a bad hand with all the injuries this year.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.

I still support my team. The braves were dealt a bad hand with all the injuries this year.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the DL list.

I still support my team. The Braves were dealt a very bad hand this year with all the injuries that never seem to stop.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to everyone on the DL.


Wow, how about that. I would have never in my wildest dreams, think that the lowly Braves would have actually have had the smarts to what is right. Get rid of the 2nd half performer in Teixeira, for a young proven player in Kotchman, who will be in Atlanta for at least for 3 and a half seasons. And hopefully more. And rumor has it that Scott Boras will be asking teams for a 10 year deal, worth $230 million dollars, at the end of season for Teixeira. As my cousin’s husband would say: “I think it’s craziness.”
Teixeira, u seemed like a great guy, but u were not nearly as amazing a player as all the Braves fans thought that u would be at the beginning of the year.
Good luck with the Angels. Hope to see u back playing @ Turner Field against the Braves sometime in the future. So the fans can give u a great ovation, in appreciation for the effort that u gave, while wearing a Braves uniform.
Well, unfortunately, with each passing day it looks more and more like the Braves will not be in the 2008 MLB Playoffs. So when the regular season is over and the Braves have left their fans once again, for 5 full months. And with some fans having to deal with long cold winters once again also. With a bitter taste in our mouths, about a third straight season without any playoff berths. But at least for me it’s not as bad a off season. Because down here in Cayman were big NFL fans. And that keeps us excited until February. And luckily for Caymanians and international residents. The weather is perfect. Hardly any rain, the temp. never rises above the mid 80’s and never dips below the low 50’s. So all of us die hard baseball fans down here, can still play baseball during the winter. It’s pretty much like Cuba in that regard!
So come October, which is my favorite month of the year, because of the MLB Playoffs, the NFL Season is in full swing and my birthday is right in the middle of the month. I will be rooting for the Angels. To hopefully win the World Series. And Teixeira can finally get that championship that he’s been searching for.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Anybody who says the Teixeira for Kotchman trade was a bad trade, is just a flat out fool!
The Braves had 2 made this deal. It was the best available deal out there. And they took it. I don’t blame them one bit. As a matter of fact I called this trade before it happened. I wrote a comment on one of the other article’s pages on Monday, a day before it happened.. I also have a Career going on the video game franchise MLB THE SHOW. And on Monday morning, I sent Mark Teixeira to Anaheim for Casey Kotchman on the video game. So I figured it would happen before it happened. And below, I will show u what the comment said. Remember this was on July 28th @ 10:00 in the morning:
(I say the Braves should go after Casey Kotchman. He’s just 25 years old. His salary is only $1.45 million. And he won’t be a free agent until after the 2011 season. He is the Angels team leader in batting average, hitting .288 with 10 HR and 50 RBIs. This would make alot of sense to me. And I guarantee you, that the Braves would do remarkebly better right away!)
For anyone 2 think that Atlanta was going 2 be able 2 afford a 10 year, $230 million dollar contract, just doesn’t have a brain!
And we also have some people that have forgotten that the Braves are one of the cheapest teams in the league. They pretty much always let their big free agents walk away.
So give Kotchman a break, he didn’t ask 2 come here, u know. He was sent here against his will. But at least it seems like he really wants 2 play 4 the Braves. Which is an important part of being successful. When u really want 2 do something, good things happen!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I wish there’s someting I could do 2 help the Braves. It’s been depressing watching them play this season. A year filled with alot more low points than high points.
As crazy as it might sound. I still believe Atlanta can turn things around and get back into contention. A 9 GB deficit, is still possible 2 erase in 2 full months.
Just think of it. The Braves have 30 games left from July 31st to August 31st. 30 Games are three 10 game stretches. So say the Braves went 8-2 in each 10 game stretch. Which is pretty much what they have 2 do if they are 2 get back in the race. Then by September 1st, the Braves record would be 73-64. It just goes 2 show there’s still hope left. 4 those who think that it is gone.
Because in my opinion, as long as ur not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, then it’s never too late 2 turn things around!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I apologise for the multiple entries on the 29th. My computer froze each time I hit submit and never showed that it had been posted.

Congratulations on the win last night guys!!! It was good to win again.

Congratulations on your home run Clint Sammons and welcome back Mike Hampton (even though you did you refuse to sign a ball for me at Spring Training in Florida … but I’m not bitter ;-P). I am glad to see things start to go your way again. You have been through a lot. (Clint has gladly signed two baseballs for me by the way … thanks Clint).

A sad good-bye to Mark Teixeira. I wish you the best on your new team. I am gonna miss seeing you hit for Atlanta and make amazing plays at first. I hope you get the opportunity to be in a World Series game this year. To be fair to Mike I need to add that Tex never would sign a ball for me either 😦


I just got through looking at some photos of you, Brian McCann, Gregor Blanco, Mike Gonzalez, Chip Caray, Joe Simpson and Kelly Johnson at an Atlanta area children’s hospital. I just saw how u guys were interacting with the kids, and it looked like u guys were enjoying ur time there. It’s nice to see u guys caring so much about the people who are dealing with much more in life than we are. And I hope that one day, I could meet u and McCann. You guys are among my top 10 favourite players currently playin in MLB. And it’s also great to see u guys taking time out of your busy baseball schedule to meet some kids! And speaking of busy schedule. I have some idea of how challenging it must be to play basically everyday. Because for the last 2 years, even when I begin to feel mentally weary during the season and especially in September. I still tough it out, and watch the games anyway! I chose to commit myself to watching or listening to all 162 games after the 2006 season. People think I’m crazy here. Because the Cayman Islands are by no means a baseball country.
The Cayman Islands are not independent . We are a british overseas territory. But we are nothing like England. We talk with our own unique accent. And more importantly, we don’t have an England accent. Thank God!
Grand Cayman is more of a soccer & cricket contry. And to tell u the truth. Grand Cayman is like a little Miami, Florida. Yeh, no lie. I love it here. The Cayman Islands are a very Americanised society. And I am proud to call this my home country! And amazingly there’s alot of people that live and work here, that are from the Southeastern United States. And I know alot of people that are from Atlanta and the state of Georgia. And you know what, just yesterday I called one of morning shows here, on Cay Rock 96.5 fm, and the the co-host of the show told me that she is from Atlanta, born and raised. And she told me that she’s also a Braves fan. But she’s also disappointed with how the season has gone so far. But said that she still has hope that they will turn things around in the final 2 months, and contend for first place with the Marllins, Mets & Phillies.
That’s my kind of girl!
Francoeur, I saw your testimony on You Tube. An interview with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes.) Where you talked about, your experiences in life, your trials & tribulations, and how you overcame them with the help of God. And watching that really inspired me to pursue my goals in life. My passion is Aviation. (Commercial Pilot.), Meteorology. (Weather Forecaster.) But the one passion that tops them all is Baseball. (Proffesional Baseball Player.) (Hopefully with the Braves one day.) (Which would be a dream come true.) Because I watch, eat, and breathe baseball. And I know alot about the game too, just by watching it on TV so often, & playing the baseball video games alot. So Lord willing, if I work really hard at it, and never give up, maybe I can make it in MLB within the next 5 or 6 years. And if baseball doesn’t work out for me, which would be very disappointing, because it is my # 1 passion, and it’s all I ever really wanted to do. Then I would pursue my other passions.
But I tell you one thing Francoeur, I will never lack Respect for the game, Passion, I will show emotion when I do good or bad, and I will give maximum effort always. So hopefully Baseball is in my future. And maybe one day I can realize my ulyimate goal of playing proffesional baseball. Which I had this aspiration from when I was 5 years old in primary school. And I always wanted to be the first Caymanian to play Major League Baseball!
So if u do read these comments Francoeur. I ask if you can pray from me, that I will one day meet my goals. Thank You!
And you know what Jeff, there’s 54 games remaining. Let’s just relax and have fun the rest of the way, just like what Mark Kotsay said on Cardinals Live after the game on Thursday July 31st, after the Braves won 9-4. And by just going out there and having fun, we can finish the season like 40-14 in the last 54 games.
Never Give Up. Because like what the Three Days Grace song says, (“Maybe Will Turn It Around, Because It’s Not Late, It’s Never Too Late.”)
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

…where have you gone Jeff Francoeur, I guess if Jeff was batting in the 300 range he would have continued his blog… are you embarassed, did you forget about your fans?
Be a man and finish what you started!

I think our ‘ol buddy Frenchy looks at these comments about as often as the Braves win a one run road game this year. It’s hard to assume what someone is thinking but it’s lame to bail on this venue that the fans have to connect with a player they admire. I guess the plan is when the going gets tough just quit. We don’t have playoffs or a .500 season to look forward to, so why write about it. 95% of the people would like to hear from Frenchy even if he’s hitting below .250. You are still in the show, which is something many dream of and very few realize.

I will never believe that Braves season is over until they are eliminated from playoff contention!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Believe it – the Braves season is over. Also, I can assure you that Jeff’s blog and baseball season are over. The way he looks at the plate he should start a comedy series on TV showing himself at the plate.

I just got back from a weekend in Atlanta at Turner Field watching the Braves play the Brewers. It was so wonderful to hear the fans cheering you on all three days and supporting you Jeff!! (Congrats on the RBI today).
Special thanks to the players and coaches and former players who signed for me this weekend (Jair Jurrjens, Buddy Carlisle, John Smoltz, Charlie Morton, Clint Sammons, Bobby Cox, Terry Pendleton, Mark Lempke, Albert Hall, and Bruce Benedict).
Today’s game was awesome guys!! Campillo, Bennet, Ohman, and Gonzo … you were all amazing!!!
To Corky Miller … good luck and best wishes on your new assignment wherever it may be.
To John Smoltz … your testimony before the Steven Curtis Chapman concert after the game Saturday was incredible as you spoke about the storms in our lives while the storm clouds were forming over Turner Field and the lightening was striking. Your words were very powerful and added so much to what Steven said after the storm had passed and the concert continued. You and Steven were a tremendous blessing!

I will truly miss Skip Caray.
And I will pray for Chip Caray and the rest of their family through this tough time.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

In a season that we thought couldn’t get any worse. Just did on Sunday afternoon. With the passing of Skip Caray. After we heard the sad news about Skip. My Dad and I came to the conclusion that this is easily one of the worst Atlanta Braves seasons ever. It is a season to either remember, forget or both. You can decide for yourself. Every bad thing possible that could happen, just flat out happened. From injuries, to surgeries, to gut wrenching one-run losses and unfortunately now, deaths within the Braves family.
I still can’t believe somebody that I grew up watching on TBS and listening to on the radio, along with alot of other young Braves fans that are around my age did. He’s just simply gone. And we’ll never see him again. Until we step into eternity ourselves. And hopefully go to a place called heaven!
This is why everybody should be ready, have their life commited to God and have accepted Jesus into our hearts. Because God forbid that any person dies without calling on God and Jesus to do work in their lives. When I saw this news last night on ESPN. I was really disheartened and numb to the whole situation. And it was like I had lost one of my own family members. Because I remember. I had same feeling of emptiness when My Grandmother died in May of 2000. And when my grandfather died in January of 2002. While my father and I were at his bedside when he took his final breath.
So I asked that everyone take the time to pray for Chip Caray and the entire Caray family. As they go through this tough time. And just ask God to guide and bring them to light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible. And it looks like Chip and Skip were really close. So I especially feel for Chip Caray!
And things like this really puts life in perspective. It makes you realize what’s important and what’s not. And definately makes baseball take a backseat.
But at the same time. I’m curious to see if this will somehow spark the Braves for the remaining games in August and September. And they can dedicate the rest of the season to Skip Caray and the Caray family. And play inspired ball the rest of the way. Because God works in mysterious ways! And I can tell you from experience, that there’s no better feeling than being inspired through Christ!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Remember when there would be a foul ball in the stands. Skip Caray would always knew where the fan was from. And he would say this. “A fan from Villa Rica comes away with that one.” “Or a fan from Lilburn gets a souvenir.” Yu know stuff like that.”
And when there would be a hard line drive to third. Skip would say. “Hot shot to third. And after he would follow it up by saying. “Every time I say hot shot to third, I’m putting my job on the line.”
He’d say that, because he was afraid he would say, “Hot SH** to third.” That’s Skip for ya! He was great. He was one of the best. And I along with many braves fans will definitely miss him!
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

And one more thing. Ironically, I posted a comment on this same forum on July 27th at 7:11pm. And I mentioned Skip Caray in the comment saying how I miss seeing him and Pete Van Wieren on TV.
But I just thought it was weird that I mentioned Skip Caray last week Sunday and this Sunday gone he died. May his soul rest in peace.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

For those of you saying that he doesnt keep up ith his blog enough, so he doesn’t care about the fans. thats not true. he has another blog that he keeps up with regularly. He posted on it last week.


Let’s go. =)

…another blog!!…where?

His other blog is on his official website.

thedugout: his official website is … I like it better

It would have to be better!! This has become the Aaron & Angeline’s blog.

greggmarysayers: Totally Agreed!! I wish Jeff would get on more. It seems like after he was sent to the minors he stopped paying attention to this blog!

…is Angeline Jeff’s mother?

His moms name is Karen.. But she could be in disguise! 😉

No I am not his mother, but I will defend him when he is unfairly attacked. He is an absolute sweetheart to his fans and we adore him.
And yes I do post a lot, but I love the Braves and want to show my support even though I doubt very seriously if any of them read the forum. But just in case they do …. 😉

….your his sister then. I do believe that they read these posts, at least Jeff does….that’s the reason he quit blogging!!
being a sweetheart to his fans is great, most of the coments here are directed to his play on the field?

Good job last night Jeff. Congratulations on a BIG win Mike Hampton!!!!

Angeline- I understand what you are saying. I think there is a big possibility that Jeff does read the blog. Im a huge braves fan too. I have been since I was 7 years old. I agree- he is very sweet to his fans. I met him for the first time in January, it was awesome. But, I love Jeff to death. I have to be one of his biggest fans, I freak myself out sometimes with how much I love and follow him. 😉 I was just trying to say that I wish he would get on and blog more. Its been quite some time.

Oh, I definatly think it is possible that Jeff reads it (it is his forum after all). I just don’t think the Braves have a lot of free time for reading blogs; especially the ones with a family. If I didn’t think there was a possibility some of them might read it there would be no reason to post to try to encourage them and show my support.
Good job last night Jeff.
Congrats on the home run Mark Kotsay.
Awesome job Charlie Morton and Gonzo!!!
I too wish Jeff would post again … and grow the beard he just shaved off back ;-P

my oh my how things change overnight…article by Mark Bauman, March 2008
Simply put, I’ll be surprised if Francoeur doesn’t have a five- or six-year deal by the start of the 2008 season. In order to gain the financial security that such a deal would provide, he’s definitely hoping this happens. But at the same time, if it doesn’t, he’ll have no problem entering the arbitration process next offseason and gaining the extra millions that would be owed to a player with his accomplishments.

If Francoeur were to continue the consistency that he showed this past season and also begin displaying the same sort of power that was evident in 2006, there’s a good chance he could earn approximately $6 million for the 2009 season via arbitration. Looking to control their long-term costs and show their commitment to the 23-year-old Gold Glove outfielder, the Braves would obviously like to provide him an escalating contract that might call for him to have something closer to a $4 million salary in 2009.

While these numbers are just projections, it definitely would behoove the Braves to guarantee Francoeur set salaries over the next few years as opposed to facing the possibility of seeing his salary realize a significant annual gain from 2009-11, which would be the years in which he’d be eligible for salary arbitration.

Francoeur’s decision to decline the extra millions that he could receive via arbitration would be one based solely on security. While his risk of injury isn’t as great as the one McCann — as a catcher — evaluated when he signed his six-year, $26.8 million contract in March, it’s certainly still present without a multiyear contract. In addition, Francoeur will have the comfort of knowing he’s locked in the club’s long-term financial plans and not subject to the possibility that there could come a time where his salary would jump to a point where the Braves feel they have to trade him.

At just 23 years old, Francoeur is already in position to potentially be Atlanta’s most marketable professional sports athlete. With him, the Braves know they have something special, and this is why they will look to control his costs and secure his services through at least the end of the 2013 season, at which time he’ll be 29 and possibly in position to gain a megacontract.


Great night guys! Congrats on another win Jorge Campillo.
Welcome back home run hitter Chipper Jones.
Good night Jeff Bennet and Casey Kotchman.
Excellant night Martin Prado!!

Thanks you soo much for shaving your beard, Jeff!

Frenchy does post more on his website. He had an entry on 6-24, and his last entry was 7-25. He’s posted twice in the last two months. I guess he will post again at the end of this month. I was just watching and the bases were loaded with 1 out and Jeff at the plate. I told my wife one of two things will happen. Jeff will either strike out or hit into a double play. He hit it back to the pitcher for a double play and the end of the inning. I real feel sorry for him, because he is absolutely lost at the plate.

…his mind is not clear, I replayed that DP AB, he trotted down the line?…did he think we had 2 out?….I think Escobarlytis is now affecting the whole team!







Frenchy, please fall down hard. Frenchy not a slumping right fielder. Frenchy is an absolute joke. His swing is a train wreck which is painful to watch. His spot in the lineup is an almost guaranteed out. And, when he gets sent down for crapping up the team he whines like a little child. Jeff is a joke and I have to ask myself, with all the injuries the braves have had why can’t we lose that piece of dirt in right? Tell me, how does this sound, Blanco, Escobar, Jones, McCan, Kotsay, Infante, Kotchman, Johnson, pitcher. Pretty freaking solid without that automatic out stinking up the 5 or 7 spot. Frenchy please for the sake of the team, slip on a banana peal.

wow…wishing someone to have an accident is pretty harsh! Look we all know that our kid sister would do better in RF for the Braves….BUT THE FACT IS JEFF WAS PRE-PRONOUNCE THE GOLDEN BOY GOT A **** LOAD OF DELTAS $$ and local for everyone releized that Jeff is a hack, no plate disipline and a pure guesser…he makes up his mind to swing be for the delivery!!

What the heck is wrong with you stupid people? you sit here and say all this crap about Jeff. Well guess what? Hes not the only person to go into a slump. “Perfect and Wonderful” Chipper Jones has been in a slump. OK, everyone knows Jeff isnt doing that great right now. But seriously do you think telling him to “slip on a banana peel” is going to make him any better? I have loved him since the beginning and I always will. A fan isnt someone who will cheer you on just when your hitting grand slams. A fan is someone who will cheer for you when your in your biggest slump. So do yourself a favor and go screw yourself, because Jeff will come out of this slump and be just as good as he used to be.

To francour: AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!

Jeff is a fabulous ball -player. As “francoeur” said, Jeff is not alone in being in a slump. NO ONE scored last night. No one! Jeff is going to come out of this and be a great player again. He didn’t title himself “Golden Boy”, other people did. Give him a break and allow him to be human like the rest of us.

Keep the faith Jeff, your fans are rooting for you!


A glorious night for Frenchy!!! (Would have been better if we won I know). Jeff Francoer went 3-for-5 with three RBI and two runs scored and homered last night!!! It was great to see you do so well Jeff!!!
Congratulations to Mark Kotsay who went 5-for-5 with two RBI and a run scored, earning his 1500th career hit and became the fisrt Atlanta Brave to hit for the cycle since 1987!
It was good to see Tom Glavine back on the mound. I am sure he will have a better night the next time he is up. Chicago is a tough team to face.

imagine if Jeff had Kotsays 5/5+cycle …Angeline would have exploded….you must be his agent!

I would have for a fact dugout!! And no I am not his agent either.


A four hit night for Frenchy!!! Way to go Jeff!!!!!
Congratulations on another win Mike Hampton.
You did a great job broadcasting tonight John Smoltz!! I loved it when your daughter texted you to tell you what night it was ;-Þ

I wanted to say thank you to Brian McCann for signing a ball cap for me today (sorry you got paint from my paint pen on your hand).
A BIG thank you, thank you, thank you to John Smoltz for not only signing a ball for me, but for talking a picture with me as well. (I am still bouncing off the walls!!)
Thank you Jair Jurrjens for signing for everyone after the game. You were the only one who did. You made a whole bunch of kids happy 🙂






With Teixera gone you gotta realize that you are the main power hitter now in your lineup. But that does not mean you swing for the fences every atbat Homers will come

Dear Jeff,
I’ve been lifelong braves fan, since 1985. I’ve seen 14 great years, but I must say that the braves sucked in 85 and they suck now. If you know that they’re going to throw you a breaking ball {watch the film it’s true 99% of the time} then prepare for the the breaking ball. You have a teammate who’s one hell of a hitter, {Dr. Larry Wayne Jones Jr.} ask him how to hit, you can teach him how to play every game in the season, and maybe the braves can win a game or two in the final thirteen series.

Jeff, you have made great improvements over the past month. All the media is commenting on it. I knew you would kick the slump. This has been a hard year for ya’ll I know with all the injured players. I am sure it has been a huge strain on all of you. We did get good news though. I was pleased to hear that Tom Glavine should be back next year.

Maybe Jeff shouldnt have stopped blogging…if anyone really loves baseball then silly as they may be you must also believe in baseball superstitions…I can live with a bad season , slump whatnot…but to just stop blogging, on the Atalanta Braves homepage no less, unacceptable…the fans love and follow their Braves…their favorite players, we live and die with every pitch…everyrun, everytime Jeff makes an assist…Do you really think they care about us…not to say they dont care at all, but the balance is way out of whack…so now, Jeff starts a blog for people that cant get to the ballpark, and what happens…it is not a healthy relationship, all one sided…There are of course the few exceptions, John Smoltz, and Chipper…they take hometown discounts for years to stay together…they play the game right everyday…ya think if either of them were sent down they would behave like our favorite blogger? We all know the answer to that…we all make mistakes…but that was a doozy…what i wouldnt give to play ball for a living…single A double A triple A, never mind the majors…must be nice…so to Jeff I say only this…IF YOU START SOMETHING SEE IT THROUGH…I AM A FAN…FAN STANDS FOR FANATIC…BUT I NEVER BOO, ONLY CHEER, AND WHAT DO WE ASK FOR IN RETURN , HARDLY ANYTHING…UNTIL THIS BLOG….WE FIGURED EVEN IF YOU ALL HAD A BAD SEASON WE COULD SOMEHOW BE IN THIS TOGETHER….THANKS A LOT…

Angeline wrote…Jeff has made great improvments the past month…hell even the media is talking about his .228 avg????

BAD NEWS BRAVES…Swept by the MIGHTY METS…but I have a great idea though…Can we bring back Joey Divine so that we can lose by a grandslam each time out? Another one run lose….YEE HA, let keep adding to the all time MLB record for one run losses, on the road….Not that we are any better at home either…although according to the top of this blog, we are good at home, and this is the defining road trip….OK I have vented enough, I am going to watch Smoltz vs. Clemens in 2005…still wondering why they kept pitching Smoltz in the 2 hole…Imagine how many more penants, and maybe at least some better world series outcomes we would have had, had he been pitched in the #1 spot…Glavine has so many decisons and I believe holds the record for most post season losses….Love ya Tommy but the post season aint your thing, neither good was Maddux…YOU NEED A DOMINATING PITCHER TO WIN YOUR POST SEASON GAMES…and yes I know Glavine pitched and was the star of our 95 championship season…So he has a place in our history….Winning the east is great, but now it is going on 10 years since we WON A PENANT…NL CHAMPS, ok I am going to watch some old VHS tapes….ok one more note…I am so glad we didnt get anything for Will OH MAN! Nice covering the bag tonight…so many teams looking for left handed relievers….we kept him why again…someone help me…Blaine Boyer gets smoked in the triple A world series….yet we hang on to him because he has done what for us….ok definately gotta get to the old videos…I am coming John, oh yeah big MAC slams one out of the park against the rocket…OK I am better….for a bit….

I know you like to pick on me dugout, but if you are going to quote me … please don’t use profanity (which I don’t use) in my quote.
If you have been watching the games you have to have heard the commentators speaking of the improvements Jeff has made. Here is a newspaper example of the same:
“Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 , 12:00 a.m. Francoeur on fire at the plate
By Brian Costa
NEW YORK — There’s a big reason the Braves have been scoring runs in bunches lately, and it isn’t Mark Teixeira. It’s the guy all the way down in the No. 6 spot, the one who could easily be overlooked if he weren’t on such a tear.

Jeff Francoeur tied a career high with four hits and added a three-run homer in Tuesday’s win over the New York Mets. Entering Wednesday, the right fielder led the National League in hits since the all-star break with 38, raising his average from .289 to .310.

And he’s only gotten better since late July. Between July 29 and Tuesday, Francoeur went 18-for-36 (.500) with seven RBI.”



Ok, I have to hang my head in shame. I just realized I quoted an article from a year ago. I am going to go crawl in a hole now.

It’s Ok Angeline…love is blind! No matter how bad your fav player performes…you will see positives even when he spits out pumkin seeds~

I do like to look at the positive dugout … but I still think I just got fired as Jeff’s PR agent 😦

To Angeline, I agree with the dugout, love is blind, but what I am scared of is the comments that you were HEARING….LOL


Congratulations Jeff on your 2 RBI’s tonight!!!
Congratulations Buddy Carlyle on the win!!!

Angeline…you forgot about Norton, his the one that actually won the game for us!!

You are right dugout. Norton has done a good job pinch hitting.

What an exciting 9th inning!!!!! Way to go Omar Infante, Martin Prado, Jeff Francoeur, Kelly Johnson, Mark Kotsay (yeah I know they walked him~I hope we don’t loose him to Boston), Gregor Blanco, and Yunel Escobar!!!!

Can anyone explain to me why Jeff has not written anything in the Frenchy Forum since June 10.

His waiting for the defining final road trip…..if you were hitting 226. you would hide from your fans too….poor Jeff~

According to, Jeff’s average is .232 dugout ;-Þ
He aslo had two singles last night 🙂
But we still lost 😦
To Mark Kotsay: I will miss seeing you in a Braves uniform. Best wishes for your new life in Boston!

…sry Angie, I have’nt caught the last few games…has anybody?…good to see his average above .230 thou…lol. Yes Mark Kotsay..our best OF this year! sorry to see him go~

Great job last night guys!! Congrats to Charlie Morton and Gonzo on the win and the save. (Mike Gonzalez?s 37th consecutive save is the longest-current streak in MLB)
Brian McCann … you are totally awesome!!!!!
Martin Prado continues to impress me more and more each game I see him in.
Kudos to Jeff Francoeur and Kelly Johnson on stopping two runs with two amazingly perfect throws!!
Kudos to Brandon Jones on his incredible catch that robbed the Marlins of a probale three run home run.
And finially, kudos to Chipper Jones just for being Chipper Jones which is an amazing thing in itself.

I guess Jeff is waiting for his big second half that he keeps talking about….then maybe he will return to His Blog?

Jeff aint blogging anymore, cause he knows he wont be playing for the Braves much longer….How about those Nats…does anyone even bother watching a game that is tied with the opposing team coming to bat in the ninth…The late 80’s were rough, but i rather lose by 10 than by 1….poor B. Cox…I had left a comment about anyone remembering Dave Kingman…referring to Jeff’s strikeouts, I take it back….Kingman used to at least hit monster homeruns while striking out and batting 240….this shows the real Jeff, starts a blog and abandons it…would have stood by you Jeff, but you obviously didnt stand by us….
ANGELINE PLEASE COMMENT… not being sarcastic…love your positive point of view…sincerly Rich, stuck in NY…

To Rich: I really don’t think Jeff is going to be leaving the Braves. I certainly hope not at least, he is one of my favorites and a fan favorite at the park (Smoltzie is my fav). I do watch all the games and Jeff really is improving. He isn’t chasing after some of the pitches he was before and has learned to take walks. I have heard Chipper Jones and Brian Jordan talk many times about how pitchers learn to adapt to a player which in turn means the player has to adapt to the new way he is being pitched. Jeff has started making the necessary adjustments.

As for why he isn’t blogging any more, I don’t have an answer. All I can say is I am his fan and I support him.

To Jeff: I do wish you would post a new blog Jeff ~~ the natives are getting restless!!!!!!

Jeff and Adjustment…in the same sentence?
AVG .229
OBP .287
SLG .346
Yeah, his made adjustments, proud owner of the lowest numbers as a regular in the Majors!!!
Angie….love is blind~

Awww duggie, I am not totally blind; I do see Jeff struggling. I also see him having some pretty good nights sprinkled in here and there that look like the old Frenchy. I have no doubt come spring training he will have totally turned things back around. This has just been a freaky year for the Braves.



I do hope Jeff stays in Atlanta as well…the problem is if you were the Braves what type of offer would you make him after this year? He supposedly turned down decent money before the year started…the Braves are already considering using Escobar, and Kelly Johnson as trade bait, so what makes Jeff safe from this as well…2 BIGGEST REASONS the braves title run stopped….THEY DIDNT WANT TO PAY LEO MAZZONI MORE THAN THE PEANUTS HE WAS MAKING…which leads to the second reason, we dont have an owner…we are owned by a corporation , and lets not forget that John our REAL GM has left us as well…by the way JOHN SMOLTZ IS MY FAVORITE PLAYER AS WELL…CHECK SOME OF MY PREVIOUS POSTS…we are on are way to last place can you imagine such a thing?

WOW…i think losing 29 away games by one run is more impressive than 13 consecutive championships…1994*

montreal expos were in first place in 1994 “strike”

Congrats on your win tonight guys.
Congratulations on your first major league homerun Josh Anderson.
Greg Norton, you continue to be a blessing as a pinch hitter!
Congrats on another save Gonzo.
Welcome back Ruben Gotay!!!!!



I dont know how you do it… you have a gift to find the silver lining in this never ending turmoil…HR for Jeff, its about time, congrats on their win, they do win usually once a week, big ups to Josh, where has he been all year again…I keep forgetting? I agree with you on Norton. Gotay is a Met spy….lol…but the only good thing this year, other than John’s 3000k night, is Gonzo…Without his team leading? 8 saves…oh goodness hate to even write it…we would have a great shot at lossing a hundred games this year…BUT AS IT STANDS NOW WE ARE ONLY 6 OUT WITH 22? TO PLAY…6 OUT OF LAST…

New York 79 61 .564 –
Philadelphia 76 63 .547 2.5
Florida 71 69 .507 8.0
Atlanta 60 80 .429 19.0
Washington 53 86 .381 25.5

Welcome and congratulations on your Major League debut James Parr!!!
Gonzo, you are amazing!! (I love watching you on the mound.)
Another great night for Kelly Johnson (who I forgot to comment on last time).

To Rich: What can I say; I love the Braves. Hopefully we will have more games like tonight for the rest of the year.

To ANGELINE…I think I just figured it out…You truly unconditionally LOVE THE BRAVES…I am just a crazy “FAN”, which as we all know stands for FANATIC…I think next time around if I had a choice, I would choose to LOVE THE BRAVES…love your comments…

To Jeff: I hope the injury that took you out of the game tonight wasn’t serious. It looked like it really hurt. You are in my prayers.

To the Braves: Congrats on back to back wins!!!
Congrats to Jair Jurrjens on the win.

Fabulous night Brandon Jones and Kelly Johnson!!!!

To Rich: I do love my Braves no matter what. I of course want us to be the winning team that we are all used to, but as I have said … this has just been an off year that doesn’t reflect who the team really is.
Nights like tonight are a shear joy!!! (Except for Frenchy getting hurt of course.)


I am sure I am not alone, when I suggest that YOU start your own Braves blog…I would read it everyday…If it wasnt for you and dugout, this thread would be dead…Think about it, and let us all know…You are a true BRAVE !


I just got back from Sunday’s game. 14 innings is a long game. The guys must be absolutly exhausted!
Thank you Bobby Cox for signing my Brave’s flag.
Thank you Mike Gonzalez and Clint Sammons for signing my ball cap and for being so nice to your fans!

To Rich: Thanks, but I don’t think I am quailified to do a blog. I am a good cheerleader though ;-Þ

Congrats to Julian Tavarez and the rest of the Braves on the unusual win by a balk last night!
Kudos to Casey Kotchman, Jeff Francoeur, and Brian McCann on your RBIs.

Congrats on another win guys!! Chipper Jones and Kelly Johnson were awesome tonight!! (Chipper’s homer tied him with Duke Snider for 42nd on the career list.)
James Parr, you were impressive again tonight with your six scoreless innings!!!
Josh Anderson, you reminded me of Andruw Jones when you made that amazing catch in centerfield!!
Kudos to Josh Anderson, Brian McCann, Yunel Escobar, and Brandon Jones on thier RBIs.

Here it is, Sept 11, watching the game with Rockies. You just popped up with 2 men on base (bottom of 5th). I know you’ve heard this before, but you suck as a hitter. You have no discipline at the plate as you never are constant. You swing down on the ball and end in an upper cut mode (just as you did with the pop up). The ball was at knee height and should have left the park like a rocket. You swung like it was in the dirt. Go look at some Mantle at bats and you will find he swung “through the ball”. A smooth even swing, contacting the ball with the fat of the bat. Many of his HR’s were line drives and I know as I saw them.

WHOO HOOO!!!Congratulations on sweeping the Colorodao Rockies guys!!!
Jair Jurrjens, Jorge Julio, Julian Travarz, and Mike Gonzalez all did an amazing job on the mound tonight. (Jair set a career high with 10 strikeouts tonight!!!!)
Yunel Escobar totally rocked tonight with a three run home run!! He had three hits and a walk for the night, plus he continues to do an incredible job as short stop!
Kelly Johnson remained hot with a triple to right field.
Kudos to Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Gregor Blanco, Casey Kotchman (Casey has been amazing since he came back off his leave), and Omar Infante for doing thier part to win the game.
I forgot to give kudos to Jeff Francoeur last night on his two-out hit that put men on the first and third for Brandon Jones, who ripped an RBI double.

Great sweep team…Angie after Jeffery left 8 men on base to-nite you bring up his base hit from last nite?…can we imagine if this guy actually just had an average year for a RF, he would have surely knocked in 120 RBI… I think Jeff picked the wrong sport!

Dougout: I brought it up because up untill last night he has been doing much better at the plate but nobody ever posts about his good nights lately but me. EVERYONE else likes to post on the bad nights. They seem to take great delight in it even. It isn’t a fair to him.
I know he needs to work on the bases loaded situations. He has had twice as many of those occasions than any other player. I admit last night was not a good night for him, but the past several weeks have been. I believe in edifying and lifting each other up in our struggles. Jeff has my support.
Have a good weekend dugout.

…well said Angie, you have a great week-end too and lets take two from the METTIES!!!

I have to begin by saying Johan Santana did a great job pitching 7 scoreless innings … but it wasn’t good enough!!!
8th inning beginning score is Mets 2 Braves 0 … up comes Brian McCann, he singles … Yunel Escobar singles (I think this was his 11th game hitting steak) … in comes Mets lefty Scott Schoeneweis to pitch to Casey Kotchman who also singles … in comes Brian Stokes to pitch with bases loaded. Who comes up to bat?? My favorite right fielder Mr. Jeffrey Brandon Francoeur. What happens next? I am so glad you asked. (Did I mention that the bases were loaded??) Jeff Francoeur TIES the game with two RBIs!!!!!!!!!!! Next up is Omar Infante who hits a sacrifice and Casey Kotchman comes home giving us the lead!!!!!
Gonzo ended the game with another one of his perfect saves!!!
Also worth mentioning is that Fox named Frenchy the Chevy player of the game.
Congrats to Jeff Ridgeway on the win and kudos to Mike Hampton, Will Ohman, and Jeff Bennet for a good game.
Angeline 🙂

So we beat the Mets ace Johan, now we are up against a double A pitcher…. Jo Jo, please Go go…. and are we really that short, that we have to keep seeing Brent Lillbridge, strike out time and time again…Are we even trying to win this game….Mac deserves the night off, unless we need him to pinch hit….Chipper where are you? better yet Escobar cant play 2? Look at this excuse for an infield…why not just forfeit the second game….Buddy doesnt cover the bag…I guess they figure they won one game, why bother trying to win two against the Division leading Mets…makes me want to vomit….Kotchman was an important piece to the Angels, but why would he even want to show up on a team like this…tonight was the night to win, tomorrow we have to go against Perez, heck we couldnt even beat him when he was with the Pirates…Prove me wrong guys please, so I can apologize later…its 4-0 now, wonder what it will look like later?
Rich whom wants more in NY

Jeff I know this has been a tough season for you and I hope that this winter you get alittle rest and find the swing that we all know you have.I hope Braves dont loose hope on you and trade you away .Im a very sick man and have been a full time fan since 69 I was like a 6th grader aqnd Id listen to the games on radio sometimes late at night when Braves were on West Coast , (my parents didnt know). It was a veryu exciting season.Now after a 26 year battle with cancer this 50 year old body is giving out,each day is tougher to complete my goals, I still maske my own living.
Please stay with Braves, I know that minor league thing was kind of stupid, next season just make those pitchers throw strikes to you do what you do best hit 20+ homers drive in 100 plus runs hit .300 and make those great plays to the bases.Dont get too cocky! You got it all just use it!I hope I get to see you make a comeback next season.Peace my Favorite Brave you can do it! Mark/Decatur

Greg Norton you made my day!!!! Your 3 run Home Run in the 9th inning was totally awesome!!!! Kudos to Casey Kotchman and Kelly Johnson on thier singles that proceeded Greg’s first (and last) home run at Shea.

Kudos to Omar Infanti, Chipper Jones, Gregor Blanco, and Corky Miller on thier RBIs.

Congrats to Jorge Julio on the win and to my favorite closer Mike Gonzales on the save. (Gonzo, your family in Texas is in my prayers.)

JEFFREY..come out whereever you are and finish your BLOG!!!….you have to let us know how your strong second half is going!!!

dugout- you are sooo annoying! all the crap you say about jeff bugs the crap out of everybody! why dont you just shutup and stop being so gay?? obviously, your not even jeff’s fan, so why are you even here?

….jeffrey… that you?

I just got back from a weekend in Atlanta. Tha last two games in the series were totally awesome!!!! Did any of ya’ll happen to notice that Jeff Francoeur won the last home game of the season for us!!??!! He was also Player of the Game!! I jumped a foot into the air, it was so exciting in the stands. Eveyone was so proud of thier hometown boy!!!!
I want to thank all the people who signed for me (there were a lot!). Thanks to the following who signed for me twice this weekend: Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine, Jair Jurrjens, James Parr, Jeff Ridgeway, Julian Tavarez, Will Ohman, Mike Gonzalez, Martin Prado, and Charlie Morton.
And thanks to the following who signed for me once:
Pete Van Wieren, Roger McDowel, Eddie Perez, Manny Acosta, Jeff Bennett, Jorge Campillo, Mark Lempke, Brent Lillibridge, three former Braves, and 12 “Baby” Braves.
A special note of appreciation to Will Ohman and Jeff Bennett for writing Bible verses on the balls you signed for me. I thought that was a cool yet subtle way of sharing your faith.

Great game tonight guys!!! Josh Anderson and Jeff Francoeur were awesome!!! Another great save for Gonzo!!!!!

Congratulations to Chipper Jones on winning the batting title!!!!

Have a great off season guys.

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