Now its time to win on the road

It’s been great to have another successful homestand and gain even more confidence about playing at home. I know that we have the best home record in the National League and when September comes that could be big. Just knowing that we play well here might help us win some important games.

We want to get out on this road trip and start playing with some more consistency. Going 1-4 on the last road trip was unacceptable mainly because we won the first game. That’s just not going to cut it.

We’ve got four games in Pittsburgh and then three really big games in Philadelphia. It’s hard to imagine we’re six weeks into the season and we still haven’t seen the Phillies. Last year, we’d seen them like nine times by now.

I remember going to Cincinnati in August last year with still a good chance to make the postseason. Then we lost three of four. That was bad because those were games that we thought we matched up well. When we go to Pittsburgh this weekend, we have to make sure we take advantage of the games where we match up well.

Going to Philadelphia will be fun because it’s always a tough place to play. Everybody seems to be focusing on the Mets and Phillies right now. We want to show them that we’ll be right there with them for the entire season.


Jeff –
Watching the team play throughout this home series has definitely shown the offensive power that we all know is there. On top of that, there were some great games thrown by our pitching staff that were a joy to watch. For the first time this season though, I really enjoyed seeing the offense put it down when it was needed.
The road record still really bothers me. If a 4-11 record gets carried out throughout the entire season, it’s hard to put together a successful year. So I look at it as there’s only one way to go from here. It’ll be nice to see you guys tear through Pennsylvania for a week and keeping the record above .500. Besides, it’s hard to see the Phillies when it seems like every other game you guys have played was against the Nationals.
Hope the foot’s getting better….look forward to more updates.



Things are starting to roll for the Braves and fans are excited to see it. Hopefully the streak can continue on the road! Enjoy the day game – wish I could be at the park right now. Thanks for keeping things fun. Post often!


Your right, it is odd that the Braves haven’t played Philly yet. The schedule is weird, mostly because of the trip out to Colorado so early. I obviously don’t think the bad road record will last the whole season, that was a lot of travel at the start season. Hopefully you guys can keep up the hot streak today and on the road, its seems like its been awhile since the Braves have had a huge winning streak. On a side note, keep up the good work on the strikeouts down, its good to see you continue to grow as a hitter.

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Great homestand. I came out for last nights game and that makes my third for the year. Two of the three times Bobby has got thrown out of the game. I guess I am bad luck for Bobby staying in the game, but your buddy Brian has had a double in every game I have been to so it evens itself out. I got a chance to stand out in the outfield during BP and I must say Will Ohman is quite the character. Keep up the good work and get that road record looking better. I want to see some post season games her in Atlanta again.

You guys had an amazing homestand this week! I know your road trips have been tough for you so far this season but just know that we are rooting for you no matter where you are playing. Good luck especially against the Phillies, and everyone else and we will see you when you get home!

lets keep this streak going i dont like not winning the division weve owned it my whole life up til these last couple years so lets go

I’ll say you do. I,like kmac, have also gotten used to the braves winning division left and right by the way good job on the homestand

Good to see you guys pulling together and getting a couple of sweeps on this homestand! Now lets get out on the road and get two more sweeps!!! and show everyone that we are for real, and are going to reclaim the NL East again this year! Because everyone knows that, that crown belongs in ATLANTA!!!!!!! The pitching needs to continue to step up like it did this homestand!!!! THE BRAVES RULE!!!!!

Do you know what’s awsome about this team? Why are the Braves so dang cool? Well, think about it. They are the only team who, while winning at home, their fans will actually sing to them. Its more of a chant, but also, there’s a chop. You look up in the stands and hear that drum in the distance as it starts to beat. Forty thousand arms raise up in unison and start to swing as their voices grow as one. The other teams feels it. The pitcher on the mound, he fears it. It doesn’t matter what Brave comes to the plate in that instant. He feels it too. It is his pulse, and it locks him in! You are right Jeff, sometimes on the road there may only be five thousand fans, it is hard to keep up the intensity. But although we’re not always with you guys, we’re always with you guys; TV man! You’re our boys and the Phillies and Mets may talk all they like. This year’s team is amazing, so keep feeling the pulse rise, this year is worth every last ounce of intensity. Lets get something done!

Winning six in a row is great, but you cant just win at home, you HAVE TO win on the road. I think that, with the role the braves are on now, the series in Pitsburg should be a breeze. It would be cool if the braves could sweep the next two series on the road and win 12 straigt.

GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It good to see things clicking for the Braves, and it is good to see your walk rate go up as much as it has. So far this has been a pretty fun season (except for the losing streaks.


I have always been a huge braves fan and always will be a huge fan through thick and thin. I do have to say it has been good to see that the offense and the pitching is finally coming together. It makes for an easier time to win, when the pitching is good and the offense is connecting. I am really hoping that this hot streak that you guys are on right now continue on the road. I can not be easy to play on the road, away from what you know and your loved ones. I have complete faith in you guys that you can take this whole thing this year. Yall have the power, and the drive that it will take. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!


Keep the post up I enjoy reading them.

Its great to finally see you guys find your groove. Our offense hasn’t looked this solid in a long time, and with our pitching injuries, its the play of you everyday players that keeps us in the tight NL east race. It’s truly a pleasure watching you guys play!

-Jon, Tallahassee, FL (GO NOLES!)

Its great to finally see you guys find your groove. Our offense hasn’t looked this solid in a long time, and with our pitching injuries, its the play of you everyday players that keeps us in the tight NL east race. It’s truly a pleasure watching you guys play!

-Jon, Tallahassee, FL (GO NOLES!)


Congrats on the awesome homestand. Keep up the streak when you guys head out on the road. Hey if you sweep the road trip I’ll spring for a couple of those ChiSox batgirls for the clubhouse.

Go Bravos
Scott E.

Hey Jeff,
I’m really looking forward to the Phillies series in Atlanta. I’m taking my wife to her first Brave’s game June 7. We won’t be sitting far from you out there in right field. We’ll be on row 8. I’ve been a Brave’s fan my whole life and I’m rubbing off on her. She likes watching you play. Anyway, you guys are playing up to your expectations now with all of the injuries, so it’s really a positive sign to what we can have we have everyone healthy. Keep it up. Go Braves!!

I didn’t want to mention this until the end but Go Lowndes Vikings. I know you love us.

Hey Jeff,

It’s been really great to see the home winning streak but kinda lame to see that you really havent done anything to help the situation. Whats going on? your swinging at balls in the dirt. If you were coming through we would be winning these games by more runs. Good luck on the road!!

Hey Jeff,

Good luck on the road. I’m sure you guys can stir the pot in the NL East this year with all the offensive talent. We just need to get the pitching staff back and it’s smooth sailing. I hope to see you boys in the Series in the next couple of seasons before Chipper’s days a numbered cause he deserves another shot, as well as the rest of you of course. GO BRAVES

Thanks again Jeff for another blog. This team is showing great character despite the injury bug that seems to have bitten it.

No matter who it seems to be, someone in the lineup is stepping up at a key moment. Just as speedy_cat said, just remember when you guys on the road, we fans are there in spirit. we are watching on tv and cheering you all on. It is great to see the numerous Braves fans in the crowd. I can’t wait til everyone in the lineup is clicking on all cyclinders at the same time.

Watched the game tonight from Pittsburgh, we had big time opportunity and didn’t capitalize. Good piece of hitting with a key 2 out and 2 on situation. Keep your head up, you will get your hitting turned around.

The Bullpen, what is your take on them. Considering Soriano is down and Moylan is out for the season. Those guys have stepped it big time and keep you guys in those close games.

I am coming down to see you all in August. Thanks these blogs, you are keeping us interesting in what I think is the best team to cheer for, home or away.

Hey Jeff, we could win on the road if you would play better on the road.

Jeff, as a 68 year old baseball fan==I wouls like to say take day at a time==one at bat at a time and be a hitter=and not worry about what the umpire calls a ball or strike=Do not see you doing that=umpiring==but many players has a tenderency to be an umpire and a hitter at the same time==My town has a AAA team Norfolk Tides==I have noticed a couple of hot prospects=Has begun to umpire when batting==And to me=it is costing them
Go get-um
Johnny Evans
Chesapeake, Va

It is great to see your comments and reflections of the team. You guys work hard and work great together – which I believe is the key to your winning on the road. You are on your way there – sweep the Phils and you will be back to your old selves again. I am a northerner and miss see you guys regularly on TV so will be glued for the next three day! Go get’um…

Reading, PA

I don’t get this team. You have the talent. You bring it all when you’re at home and then you go on the road. Just pretend you’re at home and everything will be fine. 😉

Hey Jeff

Wish that we could watch you on T.V. We are always looking in the newspaper or online to see how you are doing. Can’t wait to see you when you come to Miller Park at the end of May. Keep that bat cracking. See you soon.

Shorty and Katie

Thanks for the ball last home game. I bought season tickets out in right field to support you… and it was the only way I could get my girlfriend to go to the games with me! She thinks your hot. I keep telling her your married and she says I know but I like to look.

Best of luck the rest of the season and we are the ones holding the bullseye in section 137!

Let’s go, Bravos. We need to wake up those bats! Even with the injuries, our pitching has been more than enough to get us wins–now let’s get our offense going to bring in the runs! It seems like when we play teams like the Mets, we have the intensity to just go up there and win. But then we go to play the Nats or the Pirates and we drop game after game. Each game counts! Each time we face a team who is last in their division, we’re still battling it out with Philidelphia and New York! Come on, Bravos, bring ’em home!!!

As a side note–how about leading off with Blanco? He’s got the bat AND the speed. Get him on, then follow up with Esco, Chipper, and Tex. Kelly is more of a power hitter and should be later on in the lineup. I think Gregor is our lead-off guy.

Hi Jeff! we love ya’ll!!! We know you can do it! Just keep plugging away and pretty soon playing small ball will turn these one run losses into wins! We are proud of our Braves!

Good win tonight, guys! Let’s rock this homestand!

Jeff…I have been a Braves fan all of my 35 years and I have to hand it to you guys…this is one of the best offenses I have ever seen for the Braves. My wife always yells at the T.V. when you get up to bat for you to “settle down and watch the pitch”. You have become her favorite player, even trumping Chipper. Great win against the Mets today! Keep on rolling! Pass it on to everyone that we here in Nebraska support you as well!

Jeff- Thank you for signing my son’s jersey when you were playing the SF Giants last summer. It was the first time he had been to an MLB game and you are his absolute favorite player. He spent the next several days telling anyone who would listen about how you signed his jersey from the dugout! He had the jersey matted and framed. It is hanging on his wall along with a couple of bats he purchased with your signature on them. Thanks again for being such a class act!

Hi Jeff,

You’re AAA in my book, Lad! Sensational attitude, phenomenal approach, and deep appreciation for the wonders of what you’ve got going for you. Go get ’em in 2008 and help take the Braves to the Big-Big dance.


Welcome Back Jeff!!! You played a great game & it’s so good to see the team beat up on the Mets – lets get them tonight – we need a sweep!!! It was good to see you smiling again. GO BRAVES!!!!

Great game last night! I went out to the ballpark with a bunch of my friends and we had a ton of fun. Good luck with the sweep tonight.

Nice game Wednesday! Not so good tonight, but stay focused. I have to be honest though, I was a little concerned this year when I heard you put on some muscle with an effort to hit more home runs. Maybe that got twisted by the media a bit, but you were great last year. Being that clutch RBI guy is so much better than hitting the home run. Home runs will come just by hitting the ball hard. Every time you came up with runners on last year, I had confidence you would come through. But this year, you seem to be sitting on that inside pitch and trying to pull again. Just be open-minded, you have a huge talent and can hit to all fields. Keep up the hard work. Sorry about losing the “streak.” Congrats on the sweep tonight.

Congratulations!!! you had another good game again and gave the Braves the Victory with the homerun.
Looks like that rest day you took is giving a positive result for you, it should be done more often and with all the players. I think Bobby has a good team now and should give everyone a resting day per week.
Go Braves!!!




Do you know why your team is loved so much and why y’all are so cool? Let me tell ya. It’s because you guys have the best fans in the world, we stick by y’all no matter what. WIN or Lose! I know its hard to keep up the intensity when you guys play away from your thousands and thousands of fans that fill Turner Field each and every game that you guys play. We can’t always travel with you guys but you should all know that we are really there with y’all, you just can’t see us but we can see y’all. TV is awesome. Many of us still chant as each of you come up to bat even though you guys don’t know that. You guys have the best fans ever and we love y’all. We believe in y’all! You guys have wonderful home stands and we know that it is tough to play without all your fans being there you guys can do this. Y’all can show theses teams out there that like to talk alot about us that we can do it. Make them fear us but do it by “word of ball over fence” and not by “word of mouth”. We have an amazing team this year and we can make it all the way to the very end. I know that we can. It is Atlanta’s year. There is no such thing as a wildcard we are the real deal and we can do this guys. We will win the DIVISION. Always know that your fans are here and we are with you all the time. Keep it up it will come to y’all. The only thing that we need to do now is take the intensity that your fans give you at home and carry it out there on the road with you. When you get up to bat think of all your fans chanting and waving those arms. Chopping down your competition. Because that’s what we are doing. Good Luck against the MARLINS and the PHILLIES. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!


Hey Jeff, I grew up next to Shea Stadium and still live quite close to the stadium…When i was in little league i started going to Mets games as everyone else seemed to be a Yankees fan…lol…Hank Aaron was closing in on the HR record and I really enjoyed watching Phil Niekro pitch…When I briefly left the metro area, b4 the days of cable i was only able to get 3 stations through my VCR, one of them being TBS, and the Braves became a permanent fixture in my life…I proudly wear my BRAVES gear all around NYC where i am a construction worker….I so appreciate how professional all of you fellas play the game…going to Shea is like going to a little league game….all the dancing and stuff….The papers and espn might lead you guys to believe that the Mets dont worry about the BRAVES…this couldnt be further from the truth…their fans cry like wounded animals when they lose a series, and the howling after taking them out 4 straight was pure heaven for me…
Keep up the great work, and as far as you guys only winning at home, just remember you have fans where you least expect them…..

Rich Serino, L.I.C., New York

Jeff you and all of our BRAVES are so very talented I cant miss a game.Chipper is having the most amazing year and Tex is heating up.I know you have had some struggles but I also know that you have it within you to work through them and really help the team when needed, just my thought but talk to the veterans especially Chipper and ofcourse Terry Pendleton and you will be right back where we all know you should be , you are my second favorite I have loved Chipper ever since he first came up but you are running a very close second.Keep up all the hard work and Good luck Jeff all of us loyal Braves fans love you and the entire team.Cant wait to get all of our injured players back I know Smoltzie is so ready to take that ball and be back on the mound, stay healthy everyone.GO BRAVES!!!! WE DO RULE!!!!

Hey. I am new to this site, but have been a long-time brave fan since they first moved to Atlanta, so I have been through the good and the bad. I am also a big fan of yours since you joined the team as well.

However, I was really disappointed in you tonight on your at bat in the 8th inning. You have been doing much better over all with balls and strikes, but that was very costly to the team tonight against the Marlins. I know things happen so I forgive you (smile), but please work harder on this for the future.

I still think you are an awesome young player and have a very bright future ahead of you, but that could be hindered by not having a better eye at the plate.

Let’s start winning on the road and especially those one run games……
Go Braves!

Cal Aycock, M.D.
Sumter, S.C.

Is it that playing in someone else sand box has become a mental block, or with the newly weds on the team missing the grits and gravy of home cooking?

i have been a braves fan since the days of dale murphy…now 28 i still bleed blue and red…the team seems to struggle at times…like everyone is trying too hard…our team (and i say “our” like i play for the braves)…is just a little inconsistent…ya’ll have the ability to be better than the phils..the mets the fish…our offense is just as potent if not the most in the east…and our staff definitely has the talent…have fun have heart stop putting so much pressure on yourselves stop playing for the fans and play for the fun of it…GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!


Your mom was my seventh grade teacher. She gave me my first detention, and I probably deserved it. My wife and I, both Parkview class of 1999, will be at the game on Sunday vs. the Phillies cheering for you guys. Good luck, and tell your mom and sister I said hello.

Augusta, GA

Could you do me and my boyfriend as well as many other braves fans a huge favor, I am tired of watching Kelly Johnson make pointless field errors. So tired that if I didn’t live fifteen minutes away from the stadium I would chose another team. Can you please pass that on to Bobby and remind him that we have other players that are much reliable than he, and they are also better hitters. Infante should play second base everyday, and lets just get rid of KJ completely. You are really stepping it up as well as all of the other braves, as I said earlier lets get rid of the person who is poisoning the team. What a shame for Huddy.

Go Braves minus Johnson
Jennifer and Adam


Now, after things are said and done, and the Braves were swept at Philly, what is the mindset of the team and of yourself? I know you’re disappointed. What view does it give for handling the Phillies in the future, what adjustments will the team make. How do you handle the frustration of high hopes of competition and then being swept.



It would be so great if the Braves could sweep the Cubs!!! I have been a Braves fan for 10 years now, and have really enjoyed watching your and Brian’s progress. I support you both when your doing good and even when your in a slump because I know your heart is in it and your trying your hardest. I will see you in August when my husband and I make our yearly road trip out to Atlanta from North Carolina to see a game.

Good Luck,



I hope you read this. My name is Mike and I have been the best fan and most real fan of the Braves since 1982. That being said I will be at the June 23rd game against the Brewers and I will be sitting in the VIP section if you want to chat before the game I am usually there right when the gates open. I will be there with my dad I am taking him there as a late father’s day gift to him since he has never been to Turner Field with that being said let’s give him a win okay?

My comments to you guys is someone once said that Championships are won on the Road!!! I want you guys to remember that!!! Jeff you really need to stop swinging at the high fastballs that is what is getting you out most of the time and I think you need to start being more patient at the plate and stop swinging at the first pitch all the time.

I will always believe in you guys and I still believe that you guys can still win it all this year and finally bring me and the city of Atlanta a Championship this year!!!

Things will start to turn around for you guys when Mike Gonzalez comes back this week because then the bullpen will finally get stabilized and he will be our closer.

Like I said I will be there on June 23rd against the Brewers I probably will either be waring my grey jersey or my new road alternate blue jersey sitting in the VIP section.

Let’s finish this road trip off right and sweep the Rangers!!!



the braves can do it. they proved it to me by winning 14 straight division titles, making me a fan for life. i still believe in the braves. you did it b4 you will do it again. stay strong on this road trip and see if we can improve our record.

Hey Jeff,
Great catch tonight!!! I also love the way you are swinging the bat now…it looks like your old swing. I have no doubt you are back on track again offensively. Defensively, you are always there. Keep up the good work.

Also, I need a favor. I live <2 hours from Myrtle Beach and if Tom Glavine is going to be there, I would like to go down and play some golf with him. I am pretty familiar with the golf courses at the beach. I would also like to drive to the Beach and watch him pitch, if I know what night he will be pitching. I know this sounds strange, but I am serious about this and am a safe person. I am a Family Physician here in Sumter, S.C. My email address is and my cell phone # is 423 329-4330.

Thank you,
George C. Aycock, M.D.
Sumter, S.C. 29150

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