May 2008

Now its time to win on the road

It’s been great to have another successful homestand and gain even more confidence about playing at home. I know that we have the best home record in the National League and when September comes that could be big. Just knowing that we play well here might help us win some important games.

We want to get out on this road trip and start playing with some more consistency. Going 1-4 on the last road trip was unacceptable mainly because we won the first game. That’s just not going to cut it.

We’ve got four games in Pittsburgh and then three really big games in Philadelphia. It’s hard to imagine we’re six weeks into the season and we still haven’t seen the Phillies. Last year, we’d seen them like nine times by now.

I remember going to Cincinnati in August last year with still a good chance to make the postseason. Then we lost three of four. That was bad because those were games that we thought we matched up well. When we go to Pittsburgh this weekend, we have to make sure we take advantage of the games where we match up well.

Going to Philadelphia will be fun because it’s always a tough place to play. Everybody seems to be focusing on the Mets and Phillies right now. We want to show them that we’ll be right there with them for the entire season.